2018 Toyota Sienna and Toyota FT-4X Concept Video, First Look


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Toyota may have ended up disappointing hardcore FJ Cruiser fans.

At the 2017 New York Auto Show, the Japanese automaker introduced the FT-4X Concept, which hinted at a possible FJ Cruiser successor. Unfortunately the internet isn’t very happy with the concept since it drops its off-road prowess to appeal to urban Millennials. The concept rides on the same TNGA platform underpinning the C-HR and Prius, so that doesn’t exactly scream excitement either.

But it is lifestyle oriented, with a nifty “Multi-Hatch” that can open horizontally of vertically. The problem is, it doesn’t live up to the FJ Cruiser’s legacy. So maybe it’s finally time to admit the FT-4X doesn’t intend to replace the FJ Cruiser.

2017 New York Auto Show Coverage

The Japanese automaker also used the 2017 New York Auto Show to show off its updated 2018 Toyota Sienna minivan, sporting a modest refresh and technology upgrades.

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  • Noe

    Looks like they gone with a Nissan ‘Cube’ style

    Really don’t like that box style or more so the ‘transformers head’ style

  • Paul

    Take away some of the show car quirkies and this Toyota 4X4 could end up being really good.

  • octogon

    Love the color scheme! Soon no one will be able to say that Toyota is “boring” anymore.

  • kes

    Another plastic looking tonka truck? Looks cheap and crappy. Why won’t they try and really compete with the Wrangler?