Advanced Safety Features are Preventing People from Racing [Update]

Advanced Safety Features are Preventing People from Racing [Update]

An official BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA) Chapter has banned newer cars from track days.

Update: Axis of Oversteer has posted what appears to be an official email stating that the ban of crash avoidance systems has been lifted. According to the email, the statement that was released was done so prematurely and was made public before discussions and research had been concluded. So for now, there are no vehicle bans at HDPE events. The original story is below.

First reported by Bimmerfile, the ban comes from the Genesee Valley Chapter (GVC) for cars with “automatic emergency braking” and/or “lane keeping assistance” systems. The Chapter says it’s because the systems cause the cars to behave in unpredictable and undesirable ways on a racetrack. Due to the uncertainty about how the systems behave in a variety of conditions, any vehicle equipped with the technology – even if it can be disabled – are banned from GVC’s HDPE events.

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While these systems help in saving lives and preventing accidents on public roadways, they may prove troublesome for those purchasing a high-performance BMW and looking forward to taking it to the track. Even worse, this could just be the beginning and other racing association could follow – especially if these accident prevention systems end up causing accidents on the race track due to their unpredictability.

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