Clone Wars: Zotye Has a Lamborghini Urus Clone in the Works

Clone Wars: Zotye Has a Lamborghini Urus Clone in the Works

Zotye is the most unoriginal automaker you’ve never heard of. The Chinese company has made a bit of a name for itself copying more established, well known manufacturers and the latest addition to its lineup is yet another carbon copy – this time of the Lamborghini Urus.

The last vehicle introduced by Zotye was the SR8, a compact crossover that looks astonishingly similar to the Porsche Macan. Continuing with the trend of blatantly ripping off other companies, the Yongkang-based automaker teased its new Urus-‘inspired’ Concept S this week, which will debut in the metal at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.

The Concept S features the same wedge-shaped styling and narrow greenhouse as the Urus concept and mimics Lamborghini’s over the top character with two triple-tip exhaust outlets. The rear taillights are nearly identical to those seen on the Urus concept, as is the grille shape and headlamps.

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Zotye has refrained from copying the Urus concept’s wheels, though the company’s sketch uses two different sets of wheels for the front and rear axles, so it’s really anybody’s guess what wheels the production car will wear.

The Zotye Concept S will debut  in late April, but there’s no word on if it will make it to production or not. We get the feeling Lamborghini might have something to say to the people at Zotye if it ever does go on sale.