Ford Mustang Was the Most Popular Sports Car in the World Last Year

Ford Mustang Was the Most Popular Sports Car in the World Last Year

Discontent with being the top-selling sports car in the U.S. for the last half-century, the Ford Mustang became the most bought sports car across the globe in 2016.

For years the Mustang was an exclusively North American affair, with international enthusiasts forced to shell out significantly to get their hands on Ford’s affordable coupe. With the car’s ground-up redesign during 2014, Ford decided the Mustang would go global, expanding its reach to include 140 countries.

Dearborn’s decision was vindicated after registration data from IHS Automotive indicated 110,000 Mustang Coupes had found new homes during 2015 — plus a further 30,000 convertible sales — making it the globe’s best-selling sports coupe by a significant margin.

The success continued into 2016 as the Mustang upped the ante and took over the crown as world’s best-selling sports car thanks to a 6-percent increase in global sales, for a worldwide tally of 150,431 cars.

In fourth-quarter 2015, Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe in China as exports made their way to dealerships in volume, according to IHS registration data. Buyers in China favor EcoBoost versions.

Mustang sales in the United States actually trailed off by 13 percent last year, but big gains in both China and Germany fuelled the car’s 101-percent international growth and accounting for almost 45,000 cars sold beyond North America.

“The legacy of Mustang continues to grow, and in places it never reached before,” said Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang marketing manager. “We continue to make it available in new markets, and drivers in those markets continue to respond with resounding approval.”

Somewhat ironically, the Mustang GT’s quintessential American V8 burble appeals more to international shoppers than it does to those at home. North Americans chose the 5.0L V8 40 percent of the time, Europeans take the V8 65 percent of the time, while 59 percent of buyers in Asia Pacific opt for more bore.

Ford will be looking to continue the car’s global growth in 2017 as it plans to make the car available in six additional countries this year, before the updated 2018 model with new sheet metal, active exhaust, a 10-speed automatic and MagneRide suspension officially hits stores in the fall.

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  • jimmymack

    Still rather have a Corvette

  • Mec-One

    Ford just has a huge following anyway

  • Sniper Merc

    Funny, we told Ford to go sit and spin on its Mustang offer, They ran a credit check when they said they weren’t going to, it knocked 20 points off of my credit score. JERKS!!! Went and bought a Chrysler 300 Platinum instead.

  • Z51111

    There in the shop to much.

  • Chris Daigle

    Hm. Just who is “they?” A Ford Mustang? Did a credit check? Or a low class dealer? Why is the Mustang to blame?
    Then you go a buy the worst car I ever drove? That’ll show that bad Mustang!

  • That’s pretty cool considering most models differ slightly in every country. It’s a true global car.

  • vettevet2002 .

    the Mustang is a typical Ford product, starting out as a rebodied Falcon in 1964;

    it is and always was just a PONY car, NEVER a sports car, despite what insurance companies try to claim;

    there is now and for the last 60+ years been only ONE AMERICAN SPORTS CAR..the Corvette;

    there have been short-lived ones like the Viper, but only one consistent sports car;

    and for those of you who think either the GT40 or AC Cobra should be included, please be reminded those are amalgamated mongrels combining the Lola T330 chassis of Eric Broadley and AC Bristol chassis to big Ford truck motors;

    Ford have a history of doing that sort of thing since the Edsel disaster, then trying to foist it off as some great new idea;

  • William Schreiber

    The Mustang is not a sports car. My Corvette is an American sports car. It’s silly to say my Viper is not an American sports car for the last 24 years.

  • William Schreiber


  • 83ragtop50

    I would consider buying one if they were not butt ugly.

  • jimmymack

    I call BS on that comment.

  • William Schreiber

    I’d rather have a corvette and a Viper.

  • vettevet2002 .

    you may have missed i said consistent sports car over the last 60 years;

    there is no doubt the Viper, while it lasted, was a genuine sports car;

  • Jay

    Have you driven a 2015+ Mustang? For the cost, you can put the latest Coyote motor up against a large set of comparable “super” cars.
    What distinction does a Vette have that makes it a sports car versus a Mustang?