Ford’s New Light Patents take the Guess Work out of Parking

The technology in a Ford patent application could prove handy in the real world.

The patent application is for a “vehicle lighting system with dynamic beam pattern,” that includes an adaptive drive beam system having a light source, a projection lens and a digital micromirror device attached to a substrate.

Essentially, the system uses a series of lights and small mirrors to project pixels, giving it the ability to create and project symbols and shapes.

The patent application goes in depth on several practical applications, such as showing you where you parked your car. By pressing a button on the key fob, the system would project an arrow onto the ground pointing at your car, allowing you too see it clearly in a long row of cars.

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In another instance, the vehicle could be trying to park in a parking lot and the system would project a light into the spot to serve as a visual guide, showing the driver how much room they have and if they’re off center. Or in the situation of parking in a garage, it would project a light onto the wall to act as a guide, not only showing the driver if they’re off center but how much distance there is before they hit the wall.

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