McLaren 720S LEGO Kit Perfect for Aspiring Car Designers


A second McLaren supercar has joined the ranks of the LEGO Speed Champions series. 

The McLaren 720S supercar will become available for everyone to enjoy in June, shortly after the actual 720S supercars are delivered to their owners. The 720S joins the McLaren P1 in the ranks of supercars immortalized by LEGO.

The new 720S LEGO kit is great for aspiring car designers, as it includes a mini designer, a design studio desk complete with coffee cup and original design sketch, and a 3D-printed model car. LEGO says that it took their designers one year to properly design the kit to match the curves of the new 720S.

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“The LEGO interpretation of the McLaren 720S reflects the most exciting part of the design process, when a two-dimensional sketch is transformed into a physical, three-dimensional model,” said McLaren chief designer, Rob Melville. “Building a model like this gives the next generation of McLaren enthusiasts a taste of just how exhilarating that moment is for designers.”

Pricing and availability has only been announced for the UK, where the kit will be priced at about $16 US.

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  • GhostnFoggy Stanford

    I think your maths are off. USD16?

  • Perry F. Bruns

    That’s in line with the outgoing LEGO McLaren P1, which was $14.99 US. While it is a $1 price increase, you can still buy thousands of them for what the real deal will likely cost.