Mercedes-AMG’s Hypercar is Basically Sold Out in the US

Mercedes-AMG’s Hypercar is Basically Sold Out in the US

The consideration list for prospective U.S. buyers of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG hypercar is now closed. 

Although the public won’t see the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar until the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Road & Track confirms that a private event was held during the Geneva Motor Show in March where prospective buyers got a glimpse of what to expect. The car shown to potential buyers wasn’t a full running car, according to Melissa Witek, a project manager at Mercedes-AMG responsible for the Project One, but its design was around 85 percent complete.

Witek also confirmed the German automaker has stopped compiling a list of potential U.S. buyers on March 17, and the company is currently working on choosing who on the list will be able to purchase one.

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Mercedes-AMG’s selection process involves finding longtime and loyal customers who plan on actually taking the hypercar to the track rather than having it sit in a garage. In other words, Mercedes-AMG wants the car to be seen and used at public events.

Pricing in the U.S. will be around $2.4 million and buyers will be purchasing the car directly from Mercedes-AMG, although they will get to choose a dealer for delivery and service. Project One will be limited to 275 units worldwide and Mercedes-AMG plans on announcing how many units are heading to the U.S. sometime in May.

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