Tesla Cuts Price of Base Model S to Just Below $70K

Tesla Cuts Price of Base Model S to Just Below $70K

Tesla has dropped the price of its cheapest model down to a hair below $70,000. 

The Model S 75 is now $5,000 cheaper, bringing the new base price to $69,500. Tesla recently discontinued the Model S 60, which sold for about $1,500 less than the new 75 will sell for.

Some packaging changes come along with the adjusted pricing. The all-glass roof, formerly a $1,500 option, is now included as standard equipment along with an automatic power liftgate on all Model S sedans. Tesla’s smart air suspension system is being taken away from Model S 75 buyers, though it is still available on higher trim models, while a high amperage (72 amp) charger is now exclusively available with the 100kWh models.

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For those buyers who recently brought home a base Model S 60, Tesla is lowering the price of upgrades, trying to entice these customers to spend $2,000 to boost their cars from 60 kWh up to 75 kWh. That is made possible because all 60 kWh cars were built with range-limited 75 kWh battery packs, allowing the company to unlock the car’s full potential, for a price.

For owners of the 70 kWh Model S, an upgrade to 75 kWh can be had for $500, though only face lifted Model S 70 models were made with the larger battery pack, which means early-build models can’t be upgraded.

All of these moves are being made to accommodate the upcoming Model 3, which will offer a 75 kWh battery in its top trim according to Electrek, matching up nicely with the Model S’ new smallest battery size of 75 kWh. Pricing is also expected to meet in the middle, with a fully loaded Model 3 going for around $70,000 according to Electrek, though the base price of the car will be around $35,000.

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