Toyota is Testing a Hydrogen-Powered Big Rig

Toyota is Testing a Hydrogen-Powered Big Rig

Toyota is pushing into the future of trucking with Project Portal, a hydrogen fuel-cell system designed to power big rigs.

The concept, which uses only hydrogen for fuel and produces zero emissions, is destined for a feasibility study to help truly understand how fuel-cell power works with heavy loads. It will be put to work by the Port of Los Angeles for drayage duties, which are short, local hauling jobs.

Capability doesn’t seem to be an issue, as Toyota says that truck makes 670 horsepower and 1,325 lb-ft of torque using two fuel cell stacks from the Mirai sedan. A 12kWh battery is in charge of storing energy, while the driving range is estimated to be about 200 miles on a single tank of hydrogen, under normal hauling conditions. Gross combined weight capacity for the truck is pegged at 80,000 lbs.

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The Port of Los Angeles is hoping to significantly reduce its emissions with the trucks while the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is paying close attention as it also looks for ways to make big trucks more efficient. “CARB will be following the progress of this feasibility study with interest, as we look to develop the best mix of regulations and incentives to rapidly expand the market for the cleanest, most efficient big trucks to meet the need for dramatic change in the freight sector,” said CARB chair Mary D. Nichols.

Toyota is also working to bring moe hydrogen fuelling stations online to make the fuel source a more viable everyday option.

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