Uber Wants to Put Flying Taxis in the Sky by 2020

Uber Wants to Put Flying Taxis in the Sky by 2020

Uber is looking towards the future of transportation with plans to send taxis into the sky by as early as 2020. 

The brand announced its plan to deploy a fleet of small electric aircraft that are able to take off and land vertically, all while spewing zero emissions and little to no noise. Uber says that the travel time from San Francisco’s Marina to downtown San Jose will be cut to about 15 minutes, down from roughly the two hours it takes to get there by driving.

A price structure has also been announced, with Uber saying that the company could feasibly charge $1.32 per passenger per mile, which means a 20 mile trip for two people would cost $52.80. Eventually, Uber plans to have its flying taxis be cheaper than owning a personal car.

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Two areas have already been identified as the initial launch cities: Dallas and Dubai. Uber is already working with companies in Dallas to build four vertiports, hubs where the small taxis can take off from, land, and charge when not in use.

In the middle east, Uber has partnered with the government in Dubai and expects to offer passenger flights at the World Expo 2020 taking place in the city.

[Source: Autoblog]

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