VW Offering Up to $8,500 in Discounts for 2015 TDI

VW Offering Up to $8,500 in Discounts for 2015 TDI

With Volkswagen’s 2015 TDI vehicles okayed for sale in America again, there was immediate speculation about what kind of incentives the automaker would offer to move the dieselgate cars. We now have an answer to the tune of up to $8,500 for well qualified lessees.

Those same lessees are also eligible for 24-month money factors that amount to 0% financing, according to carsdirect.com.

Buyers, meanwhile, are eligible for 0% APR for 72 months and a $5,000 finance bonus. There are, however, currently no standard cash incentives without financing.

Those looking for an Audi A3 TDI might be disappointed, since there’s currently no cash bonus. That said, Audi is offering 1.9% APR for 66 months.

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According to Cars Direct, though, these are deals from VW, not dealers. Some dealers are anticipating that a pent up demand for TDIs will allow them to sell these cars for near MSRP. Since there are still only a very limited number of TDIs available, demand may outstrip supply.

As a result, VW isn’t advertising the incentives, since the weirdness of the situation and the varying availability makes it hard to predict how much a vehicle will sell for once a customer actually gets to a dealership.

At any rate, if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a brand new(-ish) TDI, shopping around and haggling may be worth your while.

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[Source: Carsdirect]

  • Kamaka

    $5,000 off of a 2 year old car is a joke even with 0% interest. Nobody knows how the 2nd part of the recall will affect mileage and performance. The lease might be more interesting. A 2 year old car depreciates less in years 3-5 than the first 2, so it might end up being really cheap.