Watch Classic Aston Martins Drift All Over the Brand’s New Factory

Aston Martin is celebrating the move into its new St Athan production facility in the best way possible. 

The brand turned the keys to its heritage collection, worth about $80 million, over to two professional drivers and Aston’s chief engineer. Luckily for us, cameras were brought along to capture the ensuing fun.

They drive everything from a classic Virage V8, to an incredible Lola-Aston Martin B09/60 LMP1 car. A little James Bond montage is included and even some car hunting, when the Vulcan goes on the prowl after the small Aston Martin Cygnet.

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It’s always a treat to see these gorgeous classic out and running, being driven the way they were meant to be. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer makes a quick appearance near the end of the video, as does a little teaser for the upcoming Aston DBX crossover.

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