2019 Ford Ranger Spied Testing High in the Mountains


Ford has been caught doing some high-altitude testing for its upcoming Ranger midsize pickup. 

Expected to debut in 2018 as a 2019 model, the upcoming Ranger will be specially made for North America, rather than just selling the global version of the truck in the US.

The truck seen in these photos is a global Ranger serving as a mule for the U.S.-spec version, so you can expect the styling to change significantly when the Ranger debuts. The small truck is expected to borrow styling cues from the larger F-150.

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Under the hood, a full range of EcoBoost four- and six-cylinder turbocharged engines are expected to be offered, while a small diesel is also rumored to be in the cards for this small truck. Ford’s new 10-speed automatic transmission is also likely to find a home in the new Ranger though it’s not clear as to which engine it will be paired.

The Ranger will come back on the scene to challenge the new crop of midsize trucks that is now on the market, including the redesigned Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma.

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  • Bob

    Fords biggest screwup was dumping the Ranger back in 2011!
    You can bet this new Ranger will be close in price to the F150.

  • Steven

    This is a truck? I have owned 3 Ford rangers in the past, but this thing has a bed the size of a cars trunk.

  • Tobias

    Sorry, looks gay. Like everything else coming out of America. I’ll take a Land Cruiser, thank you very much!

  • james davis

    Looks just like the Chevy Colorado

  • Michael Midcap

    Yeah ford over prices their f series trucks so, why not follow the same pattern on the Ranger. You have to be making big bucks to buy a Ford.

  • Ahhh yeahhhh

    You’re a spaz, comparing a Ranger to a Land Cruiser.

  • Tobias

    A spaz? Hehe. Didn’t make a comparison, just said what I prefer to drive. They’e both 4×4. One has a “bed” (sort of), and the other does not. Both are “sport utes”. One is military grade, the other is not. Perhaps a Tacoma would be a better “comparison”, but Tacomas are made in the USA, rather than Japan. Thus, I prefer the Land Cruiser for quality. If USA could get the quality under control, perhaps I’d see things differently.

  • craigcole

    I wish this “Ranger” were a TRUE compact pickup, NOT a midsize like everything else. I think there’s space in the market for smaller trucks than the Frontier, Colorado or Ridgeline. I loathed the old Ranger (it was crude and clumsy) but the size was just right.

  • jit

    The new Ranger is going to be far far better machine than its competition, I used the Ranger UTe in Australia and there also the Colorado and rivals are there but nothing is even near as good as the Ranger specially with its 3.2l TDCi engine,
    Also for US the Ranger will have a 2.3 ecoboost with 310 HP as base engine, a 3.3l 280 HP V6 will be the rental engine and 2.7l TT ecoboost V6 with 350 HP will be for Bronco based on Ranger

  • jit

    But far better , I used its Australian variant for quiet some time and its far better than anything GM,Toyota,Mazda etc has to offer from this segment

  • jit

    Such an idiot U r, have been using this Ute with 3.2 TDCi for over 100k miles, ligght years better than Colorado and all of its Japanese competitors

  • jit

    Dont blindly judge a vehicle, I ve used this for over 100k miles with 3.2 TDCi and all I ve got to say is its far better than Colorado and all of its competition

  • jit

    U r wrong

  • teldar

    I’m site it will be proved close to the f150. Look at the Colorado when it came out. After a year there will be discounts.

  • teldar

    Just like Chevy did with the Colorado when it came out.

  • jit

    No the Ranger will be priced considerably less than Colorado because Ford has been building this for a lot of markets other than US markets and they already have a lot of parts shared between Asian,Australian and ASEAN models, hence needs much less investment for US markets and canbe priced on par with Toyota and Nissan quarter ton pick ups

  • teldar

    For will charge as much as they can. I would imagine slightly lower pricing without rebates the first year. Second year, pricing probably flat but with rebates.

  • jit

    As per the info I got Ford will price the Ranger in the price range 75-80% of that of a 3.3 V6 Ford F 150, the diesels will be the costliest option and will have 2.0 Ecoblue 200 PS @ 3500 rpm and 445 NM @ 2500-4000 rpm diesel engine
    The diesel with 10 speed AT as per Ford is estimated to hit 35+ mpg highway and 30s combined and will have a payload of max 7000 lbs

  • Roger

    jit, Care to share where you are getting your engine specs for the 2019 US Ranger? How reliable are your sources or is this just speculation on your part? No where else that I am aware of is anyone claiming to know this much detail.

  • Roger

    CAFE requirements actually favor larger vehicles because the mpg requirements are based on the vehicle’s footprint. I.E. the smaller the vehicle the higher the fuel mileage it is required to achieve. Therefore it can be less profitable for manufacturers to build smaller vehicles. Also, each manufacturer has a different CAFE requirement based on the types of vehicles they sell. The requirement is an average of all vehicles sold by that manufacturer. If you sell a large percentage of full-size pickups, like Ford and GM, your average requirement is lower than say, VW, which does not sell any full-size trucks in the US. Just one more reason why bigger vehicles are more profitable than smaller ones and profits are what drive the bottom line. It might sound bass akwards but government regulations are encouraging manufacturers to build less efficient vehicles. Imagine that!

  • jit

    NO, its not just my speculation, I ve seen Ford using the 2.3 ecoboosts in Rangers in in prototypes , Again I am very close with Ford Australia as I was one of their 1st customers
    Regarding the 3.3l V6 and the 2.7 for Bronco, these were info shared by my Ford Australia dealer who again imports Mustangs from US to Australia, so he has good contact with Fo Mo CO, and used to be in the R&D team as well for the Fiesta sedan for ASEAN countries

    SO he usually dont make up stuff

  • Roger

    Here in the US dealers are usually the last to know specs on upcoming products. If they tell you they do they are usually blowing smoke.

  • jit

    No, thats now how it works in Australia, here there used to be production and R&D but now Ford has completely stopped production and its now fully R&D, and since I being a premium Ford customer only I got to know this
    ALso I asked for it and priced words out of their mouth, its not that they had a cup of tea with me and talked about this, all came to light when I had my Ranger given for its 80,000 km service, I was allowed to see the car servicing and suddenly there appeared a super quiet Ranger, I already know there is only diesel Rangers in US, so just went near it and saw lot of testing equipment inside it, then the service guys wanted me to stay out of service bay for some reason, then after a few hours, saw my friend who as I ve said before had previously worked with Ford Fiesta ASEAN sedans , R&D and he was courteous with me and shared this data

  • Right of right

    How stupid is that to cover it up. You can buy one any where in the world but USA and Canada. In fact, I bought a 2014 Ranger Wildtrack in Panama and drove it to Canada.

  • Stephen Bogert

    i saw the 2016 Ranger in the Philippines, it looks nicer to me than the F 150, it does NOT have the stupid headlights of the larger models!

  • Allis Chalmers

    Sport Trac with a 60″ bed. Looks like they’re competing with their own 150 4-door.