Chevrolet Silverado HD Spied Testing Updated Engines [Updated]


A heavily disguised Silverado HD was caught by spy photographers, suggesting that Chevrolet is working on updating the gasoline-powered version of the big pickup.

Update: Another spy photographer has reached out to us and pointed out there’s a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank below the passenger-side door and the rear exhaust has a Venturi tip, which means this prototype is a diesel model. It’s possible, as a commenter below has noted, that Chevy is testing the diesel Silverado HD with plugged air inlets to see how it performs. The original story appears below.

The Chevrolet Silverado HD received a 2017 model year mid-cycle facelift, but the major change was under the hood with GM overhauling its Duramax diesel engines featuring Ram Air hood scoops. At the time of the mid-cycle refresh’s introduction, the standard gasoline engines didn’t see any major changes, but it looks like Chevy is working on it.

Based on the camouflage seen on this prototype, it appears GM is testing updated gasoline engines for the Silverado HD since there’s no indication of any air inlets on the hood camouflage to feed Ram Air scoops.

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But without actually peering under the hood, we can only speculate on what Chevy is working on for the updated Silverado HD. The American automaker is reportedly developing new technology for its next-generation engine, an advanced “displacement on demand” system, based on equity investments made to a Silicon Valley firm called Tula Technology, Inc. Our spy photographers say the new system uses what’s called Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF) technology, which promises to deliver the right amount of horsepower and torque needed for the current driving conditions. This allows the engine to conserve as much fuel as possible.

It is believed DSF will improve fuel economy by as much as 15 percent and won’t feature the same traditional vibration issues with conventional cylinder-deactivation systems.

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  • jason hicks

    We’ll there is a DEF tank. And it has diesel exhaust.. so I’d say they are just doing further testing of plugged air inlet..why else would they have it on the track.. no testing is needed with a facelift…

  • Rickie Williams

    I would pay a premium to get one with a 454 or the 8.1 L engine fitted with one of Holley’s newest style carburetors and a simple ignition system. While I am dreaming, I want a six-speed manual transmission.

  • steve r

    Dude I still have my factory ordered 2004 1ton silverado srw 8ft. box xtended cab with the Ally trans. 5spd. Im still lovin it.

  • Vinnie Vega

    What’s with the Ford-esque oval marker on the grill?

  • Frank Yoster

    Again? Dang chevy must be intimidated by ram and ford

  • Matt G

    I think the DEF tank is fake. My DEF tank is under the passenger door. This one looks under the rear passenger door. I think they are going to get rid of the DEF tank in its current location. All I can say is that it looks fishy.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Good eye, but I think it’s on the shroud they’re using to protect the body from being photographed.

  • Kicking Bird

    that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.