Don’t Expect Race-Inspired SUVs from Porsche

Don’t Expect Race-Inspired SUVs from Porsche

Porsche’s GT division has no plans of working on the Cayenne or Macan.

While Porsche currently has the Cayenne and Macan GTS models in its lineup, don’t expect to see any true GT variants like a GT2 or GT3 added anytime soon, if ever. Speaking with Car and Driver, Porsche GT’s head of road car development, Andreas Preuninger, confirmed his division has no intention of developing a GT version of Porsche’s crossovers and SUVs. He even added the Panamera to the list, saying that GT models are “based on direct bloodline to the race cars.” So unless the Cayenne, Macan or Panamera is going racing, don’t expect to see a GT version.

“A customer buying a GT3 knows there’s a derivative that’s on track every other weekend in a different race series,” said Preuninger. “If we were to enter the Dakar rally with a Macan or Cayenne – something we have no plans to do – then maybe the Motorsport department would develop that car and bring it to the race.”

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The good news is, Preuninger doesn’t want to dilute the GT bloodline just by creating more models. “But to just use a badge on a Panamera or Cayenne to make it more attractive, for me, would not be credible,” he added. “It would only be marketing, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.”

[Source: Car and Driver]

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    Agreed! No need to “Hellcat” the Cayenne!