Father’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Cool Presents Your Dad Actually Wants

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Cool Presents Your Dad Actually Wants

Dads are pretty much impossible to shop for.

My dad is picky, endlessly pragmatic, and pretty much already has everything he needs/wants, which makes buying him a present THE WORST. He doesn’t need more Starbucks or Home Depot gift cards, and he doesn’t wear ties anymore and doesn’t need any more tools, so don’t even bother.

Instead, for this Father’s Day Gift Guide, I pretty much thought of things that we would enjoy, hoping our car enthusiast dads would enjoy them too because we have more in common than you think.

Lego Sets

lego-ferrariIf your dad likes building things but has run out of stuff to do around the house and doesn’t have a car to tinker on right now, get him some Lego Creator Expert sets. He might scoff at being gifted a Lego set at first, but he will probably rip open that box and get right to work as soon as you leave.

For about $100, you can get some pretty cool builds like a Ferrari F40, a vintage VW Beetle, or a vintage Mini Cooper set that each has more than a thousand pieces for your dad to play with work on. For a bit more money, a VW T1 Camper Van set goes for about $180, and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS set goes for about $300. There’s also a 24 Hours of Le Mans race car set for $187, and even a Back to the Future time machine DeLorean for $137!

Vintage Posters


Find out what your dad’s dream car was when he was growing up and get him a vintage poster of it. I’m not a huge fan of photo posters as decor unless it’s in a garage or basement/man cave. Instead, try an illustrated one. I love these reproductions of vintage Monaco Grand Prix posters, this one of a classic BMW, this art print of a Porsche 550 Spyder, or this print of an old Le Mans advertisement. And don’t just give it to him a cardboard tube… put it in a frame, will you?

Track Day


If you have a larger budget, treat your dad to a track day. Porsche offers lessons at its Experience Centers in Los Angeles and Atlanta, and pretty much every sports car manufacturer offers some type of performance driving school. There are also privately run schools as well that provide cars or let drivers use their own. Professional instructors will help your dad feel like Lewis Hamilton around the track. There are also guided off-roading tours and lessons if your dad is an outdoorsy type that likes going slow.

Books on His Heroes

Stirling Moss

Is your dad a motorsports fan? Maybe try getting him books about his racing heroes like Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna, Juan Manuel Fangio or whomever else he idolizes. We can all learn so much from these old-school race car drivers and their stories are endlessly wonderful. And maybe when he’s done reading the book, you can “borrow” it. Stirling Moss even wrote a book called All My Races that tells the story of each of the 529 races he competed in.

Amazon Prime Membership


This is a gift that keeps on giving and might be a good choice because he probably already has a Netflix account. Besides the obvious perk of free two-day shipping (and same day and two-hour shipping options on a lot of items), your dad can binge watch The Grand Tour, the highly entertaining new motoring show from the trio of famous hosts from Top Gear. When he’s finished the first season of The Grand Tour, he can move on to Vikings, The Man in the High Castle, or the upcoming documentary on the 24 Hours of Le Mans (it’s called Le Mans: Racing is Everything) that will be released exclusively on Amazon Prime on June 9, in time for Father’s Day.

A three-month subscription costs just $32.97 while a one-year membership goes for $99. Check out your options here if you want to “Give the Gift of Prime.”

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