Lyft Teams up with Waymo to Catch Uber on Self-Driving Tech

Lyft Teams up with Waymo to Catch Uber on Self-Driving Tech

The number-two ride-sharing company in the U.S. has teamed up with Google’s Waymo.

Unlike rival Uber, Lyft is in the rather early stages when it comes to autonomous vehicles. Uber has been controversially testing self-driving cars in various states as it looks towards the future of autonomous driving.

To catch up, Lyft has agreed to partner up with Google parent company Alphabet’s Waymo, which has been investing into self-driving tech for years. Waymo is currently holding public trials with Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans in Phoenix, Arizona, where Uber is also testing vehicles.

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The deal between the two companies is non-exclusive, so Lyft can continue its partnership with General Motors, which is a Lyft investor and has been testing self-driving electric cars in test fleets with Lyft.

The agreement suggests Waymo is unlikely to renew its relationship with Uber, which turned tumultuous after Alphabet showed interest in developing its own ride-hailing service. Waymo and Uber are also fighting in court over self-driving technology, with Waymo alleging that information was stolen by a former employee who founded another company that Uber later acquired.

[Source: Automotive News]