Mercedes Drops Plans to Bring 2017 Diesel Models to US

Mercedes Drops Plans to Bring 2017 Diesel Models to US

Mercedes has canceled plans to bring diesels to the U.S. for the 2017 model year, but the German automaker hasn’t decided whether it will exit the U.S. diesel market entirely.

Daimler AG confirmed to Automotive News it has dropped plans to seek U.S. approval to sell 2017 Mercedes-Benz diesel models. The company is currently under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Air Resources Board (CARB) and a prosecutor in Stuttgart, Germany, into possible emissions tampering on Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles. Last month, the automaker said the investigations could lead to significant penalties and recalls.

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Mercedes could still opt to seek 2017 certification at a later date, but diesel vehicles in the U.S. last year accounted for less than one percent of sales, so it’s unlikely Mercedes will move forward.

As a result of Volkswagen’s massive Dieselgate scandal, other automakers are questioning whether they want to continue selling diesel vehicles in the U.S.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • mauricegunderson

    MB just lost my business for new cars. I’ve driven MB diesel cars since 1972 (a 1964 190Dc). I guess I’ll keep my 2005 E320 CDI until I’m too old to drive.

  • Greg Theb

    I bought my first MB and its a 2012 E350 Bluetec. I LOVE IT!! With them not wanting to bring any more in the US its going to make me not buy another MB.

  • Tony

    My first MB diesel was a 300SDL, then a 350SD, then a E320 CDI, to a E350 Bluetech, guess a BMW 5 series is my next one.

  • channelcat

    I have a 2009 E320. Has the efficiency and power I want to drive in the U.S. I’ve been waiting for a comparable diesel successor from Mercedes. If there isn’t one I’ll be trying a diesel from BMW.

  • Victoria Chan-Ross

    This is old news as we knew this in 2016 September that MB was holding off for 2017 diesels. The question is will MB be ready with the OM654 inline 4 and OM656 inline 6 diesels for 2018 model year.

  • danl62

    Maybe when they found out they could not use VW’s special emission software they changed their mind.

  • Rex Scates

    What about all the diesel RV’s. An rv thatbgets fiftynpercent better mpg than others is so great. Say bye bye to class B rv’s for a while.

  • Gary Von Neida

    So much for the “out of control” E.P.A..

  • Jim Joplin

    I have owned two MB diesels (’81 300D and ’93 250TD) both are still running around town and look like new. I currently own a ’14 Porsche Cayenne diesel. It is easily the most competent road vehicle I have ever driven. Smooth, quiet, quicker than stink, and gets a very reliable 30 MPG on the highway (about 25 around town). Check the specs. I’ve started it cold in my garage and there is no diesel smell even, much less any smoke. Porsche and Bosch is about to pay me a lot of $$ for some reason. The USA is missing the boat on the efficiency of the modern turbo-charged diesel. Thank you EPA. I’ll just keep my diesel as long as it runs.

  • aircommuter

    I have been driving and working on MB diesels since 1974, picked up 2 in Germany under the European delivery program, one was for use at the 1976 winter Olympics in Innsbruck.
    We are always so far behind in this country, they are pushing electric cars, which are coal and natural gas cars with less than 40% efficiency in making electricity.
    I find it interesting how the Texas senator who was asking the CEO from how could they betray and lie to the American public, which is what the government does on a daily basis. I hate hypocrits.

  • Middling

    Just because Politicians lie and steal, it makes it ok for automakers to lie and cheating? HUH?

    Shouldn’t we be appalled and disgusted at both groups?

  • aircommuter

    do we really know they were cheating? How can we believe the politicians? The standards are set higher than what can be obtained so you must pay the government to sell your cars here , one way or the other. Do you have actual proof that they cheated? have you ever seen the testing actually take place? Those cars work fine in Europe where the density is even higher than here. They push the fuel that makes the most money for them or the businesses that politicians own or get paid from. Check out electricity our dirtiest fuel. Mostly from coal, 30% efficiency, 10% line loss, and so on.

  • Middling

    One, the politicians don’t do the testing (at least from what I have read). The testing is done such agencies as CARB.

    Are the standards reasonable? That is totally open to debate.

    No, I did not perform the test, but if the situation is like VW, where VW cheated, i.e. modified the software to meet testing demands, but spews pollution in excess of standards.

    There is no issue that diesel engines are fine engines. However, the issue is the amount of pollution. Europe has lower emission standards.

    I have attempted to answer your questions. How about answering my question, You are ok with Politicians and automakers lying and cheating?

  • aircommuter

    I am not happy with anyone who cheats or lies, the problem is we are listening to liars/ cheaters saying someone else is doing the same thing. Sounds like you do not know much about CARB as they are biggest liars and crooks around. I have watched them enact all kinds of rules just to line their own pockets and get sales tax and license fees into state coffers using the trucks as a tool to force the consumers to pay. Check out you will see what they do, they are a totally unnecessary department making money for Governor Browns train set legacy plan. They are even regulating fuel hose and lawn mowers, as keep busy work, it was proven years ago that roadside laser detectors could take care of polluting vehicles, but they did not want to give up their high paying jobs and great retirement. They are a cliche from UCLA run by the same person since it was started I can’t imagine someone could think any testing by them could be trusted. They have a guy who was the lead scientist that got his PHD from and online source, the director knew about it and when someone blew the whistle they demoted him but kept the legislation in place from his so-called research.