Mini Develops Cute New Rooftop Tent For Countryman

Mini Develops Cute New Rooftop Tent For Countryman

The Mini Countryman is finally able to live up to its outdoorsy name, with Mini this week rolling out a roof-mounted tent designed specifically for use with the subcompact crossover. 

The tent, which is made by Italian rooftop tent specialists Autohome, was designed in conjunction with the Mini team and mounts directly to the Countryman’s standard roof rails. Mini says the camper is barely distinguishable from a standard roof transport box when closed and is aerodynamically optimized to reduce air resistance and wind noise when the car is in motion.

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Opening the camper is as simple as opening the front and rear safety clasps – the rest is handled automatically as the gas pressure springs slowly raise it to its full extension. Measuring 94-centimetres in height, the tent is roomy enough to sleep two adults. Some of the features of the tent include a rain-proof top, a high-density mattress with a cotton cover, two zipper doors, mosquito nets and a battery-operated interior LED light. An aluminum ladder is also included for safe entry and exit to and from the tent.

The AutoHome rooftop tent for the Mini Countryman is available directly from Mini. Pricing hasn’t been announced, however the standard AirTop tent from AutoHome on which it’s based starts at $2,899 in the U.S.

  • Rickers

    So lame….

  • FallGuy

    This brand is so lost.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Clarkson had a hand in this.

  • Jack Woodburn

    Pathetically non functional unless you are a midget. Since it opens automatically via gas canisters, how difficult is it to close the thing while represssurizing said canisters for the next pop-up?

  • You have to be kidding, right?