A Crazy Person Wants to Sell a 2017 Honda Civic Type R for $85K


A person on Craigslist was trying to sell his spot in line for a new 2017 Honda Civic Type R for more than double the list price.

Although the ad has since been deleted, website Tire Meets Road managed to get screenshots of it before it was taken down. The listing was on the San Francisco Bay Area Craigslist and it was for a “2018 honda civic type r (fk8) guaranteed delivery.” According to the reseller, they “have a large deposit down at a Honda dealership for a new Type R launching this June.” The person claims they will take delivery of the vehicle on June 15 or sooner and does not know what color the Civic Type R will be — and nor does the dealership.

While his $85,000 asking price seems ridiculous, forum users across the internet are already reporting dealership markups ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for the Civic Type R. Still, this person is asking $50,000 over the expected $35,000 MSRP.

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It doesn’t take much to create a Craigslist ad, so this could just be for the laughs. But considering how much hype is surrounding the Civic Type R and its rarity, we aren’t surprised someone is trying to make a huge chunk of change.

[Source: Tire Meets Road]

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  • Black335GT

    Yeah, right $85k. I wouldn’t pay $15k for one. A manual transmission in 2017. No chance. Antiquated and obsolete.

  • Joaquin Suarez

    As long as there are rich and stupid people with big ego who wants to be one of the first to get it and don’t mind wasting money…

    That car will be extremelly hard to get and the most stolen and expensive car to insure too.

  • Shift it

    A manual trans is A proper trans. Learn how drive a real car, hipster

  • Black335GT

    Yeah right. Antiquated garbage. Whats next old man, you gonna cry about the death of drum brakes, crank windows and engine cranks?

  • William Kiser

    Yea right. In my area of the country you can get one if you wish and whatever color you want to. Also the dealerships will not be marking them up above the $35K msrp being that is not going to go with Honda Corporation at all. I spoke with an executive at Honda and he gave me his contact info and told me to report to him anywhere I see or hear about price gouging of this vehicle from Honda dealerships across the country.

  • Bronson

    Yeah a manual in 2017, learn how to drive. Oh wait, we should probably only drive what you think is acceptable. We need all the tech now, because we’re going to set lap time everyday! My bad, yeah, screw manuals, like who wants to actually interact with the car when they drive?

  • Black335GT

    It has nothing to do with what I think. Its the market and the buying public. People in this day and age have zero desire to drive a manual transmission. Its old and obsolete. More work for no reward. Why do you think that virtually every sports car out there doesn’t offer one? Wants a manual Ferrari? Too bad. Lamborghini? Nope. McLaren? Not since the late 90’s. Even the mainstream Japanese companies see it. Case in Point, GT-R and NSX. The fact that Honda forces this antique onto people with the Civic Type R and Si proves what we all already knew, they aren’t sports cars, they’re just glorified, riced out econoboxes.

  • Bill

    This is unintelligent. Learn how to use the third pedal. I can’t trust someones opinion on an automobile if they can’t drive stick.

  • Black335GT

    I owned a manual Mustang and drove it in NYC traffic, so you certainly aren’t talking about me.

  • Jeff T

    Exotic supercars don’t have manuals because a mt is slower and won’t handle that power. There are plenty of enthusiast cars that still offer manual transmissions. Cars that no longer offer a mt are mainstream vehicles where there is little demand. As long as I can I will own a MT and I am not alone. BTW Porsche just brought it back to the GT3.

  • Black335GT

    Theres no demand ANYWHERE. Take rate is below 10% in the US, and has fallen below half in Europe, where it was formerly preferred. China’s take rate is below 5%, and they’re the biggest automotive market on the planet. As BMWs M boss has said, 5-6 years max and they’re gone. The next M5/6 isn’t getting one, it’s not expected to be offered on the next M3/4 (or any other 3 or 4 series). If you can get one it’ll be on a complete stripper econobox that nobody wants anyway. The only “enthusiast cars”, as you call them (I call them riceburners), that sell more with manuals are the Miata, the FR-S/BRZ twins, and the basic GTI (don’t even insult the market by calling any Civic, Focus or Fiesta anything related to enthusiast). And frankly, those only do because of the Slow and Stupid franchise and are all so underpowered that I wouldn’t want one anyway!

    Just deal with it, you’re backing a loser. Did you bitch and moan this much when they killed drum brakes? Jeez.

  • Nismo Z

    Nimso 370z FTW! Saving my beans for the Acura RSX Type X!

  • Nismo Z

    Where did you dudes get your info from? Lol. Manuals can’t handle the power or is it the owner who does not know how to drive!