The BMW M240i M Performance Edition is Heavy on Style, Light on Performance


BMW is dressing up the 2-Series with some accessory equipment, resulting in the new M240i M Performance Edition.

Although the name suggests a boost in performance, this special edition is mostly about looking the part, as the inline six-cylinder engine receives a whopping five horsepower upgrade, boosted up to 340 hp.

This car is also about being styling, which starts with 19-inch light alloy wheels finished in Orbit Grey with a diamond polished visible side.

On the face of the car you will find a new lip spoiler finished in matte black while the kidney grille bars are also blacked out. At the rear, a partly painted rear diffuser is contrasted by exposed carbon fiber which can also be found trimming the car’s tailpipe. Carbon fiber is also used for the car’s mirror caps and side sill attachments, where you will find an M Performance inscription.

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Buyers will be able to choose between a six-speed manual gearbox and an eight-speed automatic, while xDrive will also be optional, but opting for it means you have to take an automatic transmission. Jumping up to 62 mph will take the car 4.4 seconds, while the top speed is limited at 155 mph.

Just 750 units of the M240i will be built and some of those will be sold in the U.S.  The car will go on sale in July of this year.

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  • joecompute

    Oooh, Oooh… another one for the poseurs. Just what was needed. Surely worth the thousands more it will cost.

  • Bellisarius

    Depends on pricing, but it is quite lower than the top 3 series, 15k less? Also, nothing beats – and literally nothing- my 335i xDrive MPerformance as a daily driver. 0-60 4.3 seconds at 20F! Winter. For the very few M3s I saw out there during our 6 months of winter, none can keep up. Too light, to powerful on the rears, even with winter tires they are too slow or TC/LSD cuts of power as they commence tail spinning. 911 325-345 wide rear winter tires could grip more than my 225/45/18 winters, seen a few in winter. Every single M3 M4 M2 owner I know stare at them on their iPhone, from oct until- this year, late may, nearly 8 months. Temps outside are still low, 15C, and even my car is gripping, moderately, on the 23/40/19 275/35/19 PS4S. If I lived in Southern US, where my 335i cost is as much as your US M3 cost, no brainer, M. Or Porsche. But, climate relative, it is another dimension. What I would like to see is an S engine in the M2 and correcting the crooked seat issue.