The Short List: Top 10 Best Vehicles for a Heist


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If you’re thinking of robbing a bank, you should probably watch this video.

In this Short List, Craig Cole lists his top picks for the best getaway vehicles and has all your scofflaw concerns in mind. Whether you need a fast getaway car, need to haul tons of gold bars or just want to blend in and use camouflage to escape the fuzz, there’s a getaway car for you.

Watch our Top 10 Best Vehicles for a Heist video above and let us know what your choice for best heist car would be in the comments below.

  • Jeff T

    Craig you may now go to jail for being an accessory to a bank robbery. I don’t think guys with your build do to well there….Also you forgot the obvious choice. An ex police Ford Crown Vic.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Hmmm…anonymous, ubiquitous, powerful (if properly maintained), and disposable.

    Checks out.