Cars & Coffee Slovenia is Pretty Legit

Slovenia recently hosted its first-ever Cars & Coffee gathering.

Reddit user Slovenec shared photos from the first Cars & Coffee event in Slovenia, noting that there were low expectations for the event since sports cars aren’t very popular in the small country. But Slovenec was pleasantly surprised at the turnout, and although there weren’t any hypercars present, there’s a good number of supercars and luxury sports cars.

If you’re a motoring enthusiast, it’s likely you’ve attended a local Cars & Coffee event before. So while some of these cars may not surprise you, it proves that Europeans’ love for cars know no bounds.

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Some notable highlights from Slovenec’s gallery includes a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, various Porsche sports cars and BMW M4s, a Mercedes-AMG GT, and even a Polestar Volvo. You can view the entire gallery here.

[Source: Reddit]

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