Demand for VW TDI Vehicles Strong Despite Diesel Scandal

Demand for VW TDI Vehicles Strong Despite Diesel Scandal

With the vehicles now fixed and supply limited, demand for vehicles affected by Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal is proving to be strong.

Volkswagen was unable to sell the vehicles with its “Generation 3” 2.0-liter diesel engines until it introduced a software fix to bring vehicles within compliance of U.S. emissions laws. It did just that in January of this year and now those vehicles are beginning to hit the market. One might think VW dealerships would be offering the vehicles for a steal, but in reality, they are going for their original MSRP.

In some cases, even lightly used 2015 model year TDIs are being resold for close to or at their original sticker price. One sales manager of a VW dealership in California told Car And Driver that they haven’t had a TDI make it through prep and cleaning and displayed on a lot – they’ve all been sold before that.

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Demand for the cars is certainly being fuelled by VW’s earlier admonition that it will probably halt diesel sales in the United States going forward, and a lack of stock is compounding the effects of this. With plenty of consumers looking to buy a fixed car with the third-generation engine and only a limited number available, it’s easy to see why a used 2015 TDI is going for its original sticker.

The good news is that relief is on the horizon. As dealers begin to fix the affected cars and more vehicles become eligible for sale, stock will begin to even with demand and prices should lower. For now, though, VW’s once illegal TDI remains a hot commodity.

[Source: Car And Driver]

  • Felix

    I’ll be buying mine.

  • Jamal

    VW should be let off the hook, now that Trump has tossed out Paris.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    People just don’t learn.

  • Marek Wojciech Ługowski Lugows

    This only goes to show that people want to be able to buy TDI in mk8.

  • tunafacialistic

    Indeed the VW group profited greatly, albeit illegally…and is only beginning to acknowledge, let alone atone for their culture of sin. This woozy knocked down once great prize fighter, over the hill, roused from his stupor with the smelling salts to take to his feet one more time…but is he finished? He doesn’t know…LMAO!!!
    The real “people” of the people’s car…they know.
    The people have had it with corporations pollution “products” fucking over the planet. VW group just doesn’t seem to get that and therein lies their demise…

  • Bama Bill

    My 1988 Rabbit diesel got 55 mpg in winter in Ontario, with snow usually on the road. On a trip to Florida I got 65 mpg, and was running 65 mph. That was with a 4 speed. My daughters 89 Jetta TDI got 57 mpg from Ont. to Columbus, Ohio in winter, with only 5,000 miles on it. So what the “L” have they done to make the new ones be rated at 37 MPG? Use almost twice as much fuel and pollute less? NO WAY!
    Why don’t they build a pickup? I loved them!

  • Kewntavious_Jayboon

    Considering that this was mainly political poo flinging and not an actual problem (unlike issues with GM and Ford that actually kill people), all I can say is Duh! Of course demand will be high! There are zero non diesel equivalents!

  • Troverman

    What they’ve “done” is make the newer cars considerably heavier, safer, and much better performing. Of course this negates fuel economy. I drove a 2011 Golf TDI with a 6-speed manual for 50 miles, along ideal 50mph roads, and it returned 48mpg without babying it. Very impressed.

  • Troverman

    Not very well thought out statement, Tuna. VW was producing vehicles which people actually enjoyed driving (unlike a Prius, for example)…that returned some of the best mpg on the planet. Even exceeded the EPA’s numbers. Regardless of NOx emissions, think about all the pollution saved because less oil was being extracted from the Earth, transported, refined, transported again, and then burned in higher consumption vehicles. Most people lose sight of the forest through the trees. The media made a big deal about this because for some reason liberals want to kill diesel…despite its obvious benefits.

  • Troverman

    Of course they do! These were great cars.

  • tunafacialistic

    The ex-Nazi elites, who run this wretched Volkswagen, thumb their noses at the people and the planet…however this time VW will be shown the true error of their ways!
    Legislate, regulate, verify and fine their asses.

  • Troverman

    Actually, its the People who lose. Because the liberals have waged war against diesel and are strongly endorsing electric as the latest way to save the planet, VW is embarking on a future strategy of building more EVs. The problem is that EVs basically suck from a variety of standpoints. And even though the vehicles themselves do not pollute, they centralize the pollution at the point of the power generation; plus add new harm in terms of mining for batteries and later, recycling of the batteries.

  • BajaRon

    I don’t think anyone who understands the situation is surprised. It is the out of control EPA with their unrealistic tree hugging agenda that drove this ‘NON ISSUE’ into a very expensive debacle.

    The government wants to control every aspect of your life. From health care to housing. From food to transportation. And they want you to buy an electric car. Of course the electric car produces more pollution than does a comparable diesel. But they can hide this fact from the average low information consumer because the pollution does not come out of a tailpipe. It is another example of ‘Feel Good Propaganda’. Feeling good is always better than actually BEING good in their world view.

    Diesel cars are superior to electric cars. Including initial cost, overall pollution, maintenance costs, drive distance and longevity. So the EPA needs to kill the small diesel engine before it can really get substantial consumer interest in the electric car.

    Auto manufacturers see the handwriting on the wall. If they are able to produce a diesel engine that meets current EPA standards, and is still worth owning. EPA will simply turn the thumb screws down tighter until they give up. It’s a no-win situation with the consumer being herded into the electric car shute as we speak.

  • BajaRon

    The pre-‘Fixed’ diesels that you are so propagandized about emit less pollution in every aspect except NOx when compared to a comparable gas engine. Diesels typically get 30-90% better fuel mileage than a comparable gasoline engine meaning a huge reduction in fossil fuel usage. And the diesel engine typically lasts about twice as long as a comparable gasoline engine reducing replacement needs.

    When you get beyond the tree huger rhetoric. You find that the diesel engine has many advantages.

  • BajaRon

    VW did thumb their nose at the tree hugging elite, made up of non elected, unregulated, rogue EPA Gestapo who force their world view on everyone by regulating businesses and products they don’t personally like out of existance.

    As for me. I’m glad that VW (and others) had the guts to serve their customers rather than these ever more oppressive government agencies running (and ruining) our lives.

  • BajaRon

    I am hoping that Trump and his administration will take a close look at the rogue EPA and agencies which use their power to decide what products are available to the consumer and which are not. Based upon their twisted agenda.

    Maybe we can get back to a fact based, rational approach to getting the products that consumers want.

  • BajaRon

    The diesel is much different than a gasoline engine. When you turn down the fuel for more efficiency you get more NOx. Which is the offending pollutant in Diesel Gate. Turning up the fuel means less NOx, but more particulates. The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) can take care of the additional particulates. You just have to cycle it more often because of the added load.

    I have a non-fixed 2013 TDi Sportwagen and just purchased a brand new 2015 TDi Sportwagen. They both get about 35 mpg city and 40 mpg highway. I would say the 2013 will suffer a bit of power and fuel mileage after they get through ‘Fixing’ it.

  • Bama Bill

    Even my old ’89 Silverado Ext. Cab 8ft bed pickup gets over 20 mpg around town, and at least 25 on the road. I’ll still take my “Old” VW diesel getting 65 MPG. Since I’m not spending my money on “STUPID” EPA rules. Did you know that by 2022 we would have to plant “EVERY SINGLE ACRE” of tillable land to grow enough corn to produce the required ethanol? And now we find out the E10 is worse for pollution the regular gas? Can’t fix STUPID!

  • BajaRon

    You may be covered. But I am looking for solutions for the rest of us. You can’t fix 25 years of stupid (Probably longer) in 6 months. But so far, Trump and company have done more to reverse the trend than nearly all the modern presidents before him.

    I hope people see the light and realize that though Trump isn’t perfect. We need to support him. It could have been a lot worse!