New Saleen Mustang is a Fox Body Inspired Throwback

New Saleen Mustang is a Fox Body Inspired Throwback

In 1987, well-known Mustang aftermarket company Saleen won the SCCA Escort Endurance Championships in a General Tire-sponsored Mustang. Now Saleen and General Tire have joined forces once again to mark the 30th anniversary of the championship win with special 30-Year Championship Commemorative Edition Mustang.

The car will be offered in Street and Track versions, with the two offering different levels of performance. Both feature a 5.0-liter V8 engine with a 3.2-liter supercharger bolted on top, however the engine will make 730 horsepower in the street car and 750 horsepower in the track car. Further setting the track version apart is a larger radiator, deleted rear seats, a four-point roll cage and four-point safety harnesses.

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While the track version will be more hardcore, both will feature a similar Racecraft suspension setup. General Tire has has also elected to debut its new G-MAX RS performance tire on the new Saleen Mustang, giving both models extra-sticky rubber to pair with the added power and upgraded suspension. A range of visual upgrades, including Saleen’s familiar white alloy wheels, are present on both models as well.

Saleen is expected to debut the new 30-Year Championship Commemorative Edition Mustangs during a media event next month before the car goes into production this September. Just 30 vehicles will be made, with prices for the street model starting at $87,000.

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  • Allan

    It looks like they were trying to copy Dodge! Secondly the Fox body is the only Mustang that does not look like a Mustang why copy it. The 80’s Mustang looks like a 2 door version of something my grandmother drove decades ago.

  • Jean Quad Van Damage

    lol. I owned an 88 Saleen. Nobody ever mistook it for something your grandmother drove to church. And it would still out-handle most cars on the road today.

  • Allan Nichols

    Ok, Vanilla Ice called and he wants his car back! I was not trying to trash your car but the simple fact is few people that are not Gen X’ers and had one of these things think they look good. Secondly the majority of Fox bodies do in fact look like grannies car with 2 less doors and its for good reason because underneath that is exactly what they are!!!!

    In your case the 88 Saleen I personally think its ugly and epitomizes the cheesy “performance car” that took a bad design and bolted parts on attempting to make it look cool like one of the kids who bolted a wing and fart can on a 90’s Honda. The 88 Daleen looks like some male Gen X wiggers wet dream. To this day I have not met one woman that liked the Fox body Mustang. They loved the SN95 and just look around you will see most people driving the newest Mustangs are women, but this was never true with the Fox.

    With men its been my own experience as a lifelong motorhead that I don’t know one old head that actually lived during the muscle car era who particularly liked the Fox body Mustang. This is not counting rabid brand loyal Ford freaks. With the majority of men at large they are neutral about the fox body and if they are under 30 they would not drive a fox body unless you gave them one for free.

    Finally If you think an 88 Fox even a Saleen handles well you must be poor and have not owned anything made recently. My 2017 AWD Regal a family sedan obliterates that old shitty Saleen in every statisitc you can mention. You really need to get with the times even the economy cars being made in 2017 are essentially perfomance cars, hell the 4 cylinder Eco Boost 2017 Mustang will annihilate a well modified 80’s 5.0. at the track.

  • Jayson Woodward

    Your crazy.

  • Jayson Woodward

    Where have you been, foxbodies are popular as hell.