Next Mercedes-AMG G63’s Interior Exposed in Spy Shots


Spy photographers have caught the next-generation Mercedes-AMG G63 testing yet again.

The prototype shows that the new Mercedes-AMG G63 will be quite a bit wider than the current version and it appears the German automaker won’t change the overall design too much. That’s expected, considering the design of the G-Class has been iconic for decades, so there’s little reason to mess with it. But what will significantly change is the SUV’s weight, with rumors suggesting it could shed as much as 881 pounds (400 kilograms).

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For the G63 model, power is expected to come from the well-known 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 Mercedes-AMG is using in various models. Our spy photographers also managed to get photos of the interior, revealing new high-tech features borrowed from the new E-Class.

Magna Steyr in Austria is expected to continue producing the G-Class with the introduction of the new model.

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  • Right of right

    I liked the old interior better.

  • sulaiman numan

    Its far too soft, looks like an Eclass, infact they recycled most of the Eclass into this. thats just a disgrace. Why is the gear in the steering wheel? Wheres the hand break? The old climate control was a pleasure to use… not this button shit. Idiots ruined an icon. i hope none buys it cause it was meant to be a special car, it was supposed to be the suv for people that loved the original land cruiser , Land rover and of course the original G wagon. It was supposed to have a hand break, to have a that manual climate control and to have that stupidly placed Entertainment screen because tbh when i saw that screen i could almost hear them say “this is a car thats made to be hard core and here we stuck a screen to shut those car magazines up”. If they put that C class 4.0 litre engine in it ill be extremely pissed.