The R8 Spyder V10 Plus is Audi’s Most Powerful Convertible Ever

The summer driving season is finally upon us, and what better to celebrate than with the fastest series production convertible ever produced by Audi, the R8 Spyder V10 Plus?

European order books have just opened for the new soft top supercar fitted with Audi’s naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 producing 610 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque, just like in the hardtop version. Unlike the hardtop, the Spyder is available with one exclusive hue, Micrommata green (pictured).

As with the regular R8 Spyder, Audi has opted for a cloth top, for when the weather turns. Made with aluminum and magnesium ribbing, the top only weighs 97 lbs, despite pitching and packing in just 20 seconds at speeds of up to 31 mph.

Rather than trying fit a window in with the folded roof, Audi here has chosen to make it go straight up and down into the bulkhead. Two spring pre-tensioned steel sections, meanwhile, keep your melon in one piece in the event of a rollover.

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Losing the hood does impact performance, but only slightly. Instead of the 3.2 seconds to 60 that Audi reports for the hardtop V10 Plus, the Spyder gets there in a glacial 3.3 seconds. The top speed is a lackadaisical 203.8 mph to the hardtop’s 205 mph.

Outside of the engine bay, meanwhile, the R8 Spyder V10 Plus benefits from the same race car-inspired suspension any other R8, with a lightweight Audi Space Frame keeping the car rigid and light. The suspension, meanwhile, is an aluminum double wishbone set up, just like you’d find on track.

Up front, the Spyder comes with optional laser lights, a gloss black grille, and a low-lying carbon chin spoiler.

Built at Audi’s Böllinger Höfe factory, the cars are largely handmade, so customization options are nearly limitless. Audi recommends a selection of 11 colors, but you’re free to choose basically any color in the visible spectrum, and matte or gloss finishes can be selected.

Doors sills and sideblades can also be customized with just about any logo you like. Inside inlays, upholstery, and colors are also a source of near-limitless customization.

Set to hit the streets in late summer of this year the R8 Spyder V10 Plus starts at €207,500 in Germany.

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