2019 Mid-Engine Corvette Resurfaces as Plant Shuts Down for Upgrades


Although it’s still wearing plenty of camouflage, it appears to be a bit more advanced than previous prototypes.

The mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has long been rumored and now it’s becoming reality as the American automaker has been spied testing prototypes numerous times. The latest test car appears to be wearing production-intent bodywork. The photos come just as the Chevrolet Corvette assembly facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky began its summer shutdown on July 28 to prepare for 2018 model year production. Rumor has it the lengthy shutdown is to make the necessary changes to prepare for production on the mid-engine Corvette. The facility won’t open again until October.

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Little is known about the mid-engine Corvette as Chevrolet has yet to even acknowledge it exists or that it’s in development. There’s still a possibility the sports car will be sold under the Cadillac nameplate.

As for powertrain, latest speculation is that it will use a version of the 6.2-liter V8 in today’s Corvette, but with a supercharger for additional performance. There are also rumors that a twin-turbo V6 engine would be used as a base engine.

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  • danwat1234

    I’d rather buy a used Model S..

  • Stew24

    Please, please GM, …market this awful travesty as a Cadillac and preserve the Corvette’s honor!

  • Tyler Sanders


  • reality

    Translated: Please, please GM, …. remain stuck in the past and allow every other brand to eat your lunch and steal market share because my feelings might be hurt!

  • Jack Woodburn

    Go for it. I’ll race you from San Francisco to Los Angeles. You’ll lose every time….even if I’d use a Hyundai Accent.

  • Jack Woodburn

    Looks like an El Camino with a bed cover. Lots of front overhang in those photos, too. Sure, it’s a disguised prototype…but…sure hope it’s not a V-6 a la Ford GT.

  • Larz

    El Camino….

  • Geoff Dein

    In Australia we’d call it a ute. Hope it all works out and the plant doesn’t not reopen (how’s that for a double negative)

  • JJ Volny

    You guys are misunderstanding how it looks, the spoiler in the back is making the corvette look like a pickup truck because its holding the protective cover from the roof to the spoiler, if you notice how it should look it looks nice

  • patrickmcswain

    It will be interesting to see if they make a KERS or plug-in variant. There was a Vette spotted in the GM Battery Lab. 500HP from a turbo V6, and 200HP of EV propulsion to defeat lag, and make AWD and torque vectoring possible. Problem is, it will weigh at least 3700lb.

  • JJ Volny

    sounds sort of like a hopped-up nsx

  • Notyou

    What other brands? Name every brand and please keep it in the same price range. And maybe the same power to weight ratio and that can actually take a turn at any high rate of speed. Maybe the should make an electric car so you can sit at home charging it all night.

  • Martin Workman

    Me too!

  • danwat1234

    385 miles… I really wouldn’t care if I had to stop for an hour* to charge up (with extra miles to spare) at a supercharger. I wouldn’t want to drive that long in one stretch. I imagine 385 miles is do-able with a new 100KWh ‘S’ if careful.
    If I’m driving a Tesla, who cares life is good 🙂

    *30 minutes at 120KW ought to be plenty to reach my destination with safety.

  • Twit Happens

    wow, it was almost in the nude. my late husband took pictures of me in the nude. sob put them in the local video porn store for the old peepers to gawk at me. pig.

  • Pavo

    The 2018 model run for the Corvette has already started. Somewhere around June 1. They have already built thousands of 2018’s. Already delivered to customers.

  • patrickmcswain

    Most the exotics have already moved to Hybrid technology due to the unique power characteristics of electric motors. No lag.
    GM has some good EV engineers, I would not be surprised if this has been in the works.

  • Twit Happens

    why on earth does anyone need to go faster than 55 miles per hour? doesn’t anyone remember the good old days when the national speed limit was 55 miles per hour? we were trying to save our oil reserves for a national emergency. today its all about speed……

  • patrickmcswain

    The crazy thing? 650HP cars today get better economy and far lower emissions than the 200hp cars during the National Speed Limit era.

    But… With plug-in hybrid technology, you could have your ‘green’ economy commuting to work, but still have huge HP for track days.

    Our shop’s Chevrolet Volt (a PHEV compact sedan design) averages just over 250 miles for every gallon of gasoline it consumes. It’s 0-60mph times on electricity-alone is 7.5 seconds. Compare this to a 1976 V8 Corvette at 8.5 seconds during the “55 mph” era.

  • Peter

    I agree GM should make this a Cadillac Halo car — I don’t agree its an “awful travesty” as that remains to be seen. I highly doubt that, however, as it’ll likely be quite the vehicle and perhaps comparable to the new Ford GT.

    The reason I think this should be a Cadillac rather than a Corvette is that the vette has long served as a reachable goal for the upper-middle class guy (or lady) that wants a fun, very fast vehicle. If it goes into the mid engine super car territory; so will the price.

  • Tom E Zeus

    Haha, its an Acura NSX

  • p.f.

    Noooooooo!!!! Please, tell me this is a glimpse of the new NSX! No sense in trying to fix what isn’t broken. The Corvette is, and always has been, THE pinnacle in American sports cars. Stick with what works!!

  • We were trying to do those things from a platform of ignorance. We had(and have), more energy than any other nation on Earth but the politicians and scientists had already discovered that public fear and misinformation could create great wealth and power for the govt scientists, private entrepreneurs(like Al Gore) and politicians alike. We were, and have been, met with lies and deceptions ever since. Stories of deadly coastlines that were supposed to engulf millions of homes before the year 2010 that never happened. Total loss of oil(planetary) by the year 2000. A new “Ice Age” as well as “climate change” that was supposed to send us to meet our maker long before this day we are living right now.
    It’s all lies and deception that has arisen from the ashes of historical “mistakes and miscalculations”. The base of all of these things has turned out to be our old friend, MONEY, and lots of it!!!

    And, as for me. When the “national” speed limit was 55, i spent all my time driving so much faster than that. I don’t own a supercar or anything even near one. I do , however, own a car that can do 55 in 1st gear. That leaves 5 more gears to get me well past the “old nat speed limit”.

    You can go on “saving” the planet but remember, you’re only saving it for folks like me!!!

  • 76 was a “no horse power year” thanks to the govt idiots and crooks. we could have easily had 500 HP street cars if OPEC had not controlled the energy for a greater part of our world.

  • ThomRoss

    The body reminds me of a McLaren.

  • David

    I remember before that national speed limit, when cars were nice and simple and you could do the work yourself. Then have lots of fun with them.

  • David

    Why not both affordable and mid-engine? Toyota and Pontiac both did that in the 80’s or so.

    It could kill the market for Lambo. Oh well.

  • Twit Happens

    wow, it was almost in the nude. my late husband took pictures of me in the nude. sob put them in the local video porn store for the old peepers to gawk at me. pig.

  • Twit Happens

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  • First, I want proof that shows Trump “likes” Nazis and other hate groups. I assume you are including “Antifas, BLM and the DNC in the hate group category because that’s where they all really are.

    Second, You can drive 55 all you want to, no one is stopping you, that is your right. 55 mph national speed limit never really saved any lives, in fact, many people fell asleep at the wheel on long drives and died as a result of “55”.

    Just so you know, when the “55” was in effect, I was speeding every day from coast to coast driving a big rig and never was ticketed because most police knew the “55” was as BS as a peaceful Antifas rally.

  • Twit Happens

    Big tough fella ain’t ya? Speedin from coast to coast. Ya musta thought you were smokey and his bandit. ha!

  • No proof so you change the subject! Typical liberal lies, always accusing anyone you don’t like of being a racist!!!
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  • Twit Happens

    Bully! See ya on the highway with my Prius gettin 50+ mpg (doin 55 mph in the left lane) so you trumpsters can have more fuel to waste on your gas guzzlers.

  • My Vette and my SUV are paid for so I have plenty of money for fossil fuel to run the highway like “Mad Max”, let me know when you want to trade that Prius crap in for a real car!!!

  • Twit Happens