BMW Denies Cheating on Emissions Tests

BMW Denies Cheating on Emissions Tests

As the diesel emissions scandal continues to get deeper and deeper, BMW has responded to allegations, saying that it did not rig its vehicles to cheat emissions tests.

A report from German publication Der Spiegel alleges BMW also colluded with other German automakers (Volkswagen and Mercedes) to fix prices and cheat emissions, and BMW released a statement to address the allegations.

“As a matter of principle: BMW Group vehicles are not manipulated and comply with respective legal requirements. Of course this also applies to diesel vehicles. Confirmation of this is provided by the results of relevant official investigations at the national and international level,” BMW said in a statement.

“The BMW Group categorically rejects accusations that Euro 6 diesel vehicles sold by the company do not provide adequate exhaust gas treatment due to AdBlue tanks that are too small.”

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BMW’s 2017 diesel models have been approved for sale in the U.S. by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after the cars passed more stringent testing that concluded they are compliant with U.S. regulations. In Europe, BMW is offering drivers of its Euro 5 diesel cars a free software upgrade that improves emissions after tests showed they polluted more in real-world driving than the results achieved in a lab. This didn’t mean, however, that the discrepancy was intentional, that laws were broken, or that cheat devices were used.

“There is no need to recall or upgrade the software of BMW Group Euro 6 diesel passenger cars,” BMW said.


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