Continental Shows off Its Vision For a Self-Driving Vehicle

It’s called the CUbE and it will undergo testing at Continental’s Frankfurt location.

Short for Continental Urban mobility Experience, CUbE will be used to test and research driverless passenger transportation, as Continental focuses on developing the technology for robo-taxis. The company’s Frankfurt location contains a typical city infrastructure, including street signs, cross-traffic, pedestrian crossings, and curbs, providing optimum conditions for a complex and realistic route. Continental says that much of the technology used in CUbE are already installed in today’s production vehicles, but new technologies are also being tested like laser sensors.

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A bit similar to the Volkswagen Group’s Sedric, the Continental CUbE also focuses on a different interior experience, since the vehicle no longer has to accommodate a driver. There’s a greater emphasis placed on coziness and comfort in the passenger compartment.

The CUbE will be on display at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

“The future of individual mobility in cities is autonomous and electric, and it will become part of the shared economy,” said Frank Jourdan, member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and chairman of the Chassis & Safety Division Management Board. “This is why we’re developing cross-divisional solutions for driverless robo-taxis and will start practical testing this year. For this, Continental has access to a complete product portfolio of its own sensors, actuators, control units and communication and networking technology.”