Land Rover Mulls Ultra Luxurious SUV to Rival Bentley Bentayga

Land Rover Mulls Ultra Luxurious SUV to Rival Bentley Bentayga

Land Rover believes there’s room in its lineup for an ultra-luxurious SUV that sits above its current range topper, the $140,000 Range Rover SV Autobiography.

Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern responded “why not?” when Automotive News asked if the brand could introduce a new, more expensive flagship model. Such a vehicle wouldn’t necessarily be larger than the Range Rover Long Wheelbase, but simply more well-appointed.

“I would argue you could have two Range Rovers exactly the same size but if they had two personalities then they would both have equal appeal but to different customers,” McGovern said.

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The British designer also noted the Range Rover currently covers a wide pricing range, starting at $85,000 and swelling to $199,000 for the extended wheelbase version of the SV Autobiography. Because of this, pushing the price up a bit more to offer the kind of luxury that rivals the $231,000 Bentley Bentayga wouldn’t be a big challenge.

Land Rover also believes its brand image is much stronger than Bentley’s in regards to SUVs, which will give it the edge should it come out with an ultra-luxurious offering.

“Bentley doesn’t have the pedigree and authenticity in that particular sector,” McGovern said. “We’ve got unquestionable pedigree.”

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

  • Vanessa Kildare

    I just love these SUV’s. They’re a comfortable ride and well made. I’m fascinated with the panoramic view that everyone who sits in the back of this vehicle can also enjoy the view as we travel along. It’s pricey though but leasing is a better option.

  • Right of right

    Tata crap.

  • Brighton Corgi

    I don’t get it… Range Rover Autobiography’s can go well over 200K and they are nicer the Bentley inside and out… The Holland & Holland edition for instance…


    Well, I can only speak for myself, but I can chime in with relevant info because I own one, and I once took a ride in a Bentayga, so I can make a direct comparison based on experience. The Bentley is a little nicer inside but you have to get all the way down to comparing the quality of button surfaces, things like glove compartment latches, and seat belt releases, etc before there is any appreciable difference in quality. Comparisons of things above that level of detail are really a matter of taste, not quality. That said, there are several things on the Range Rover that are nicer than the Bentley, like the stereo (I don’t care how many watts the Bentley has, it has less speakers and doesn’t sound as good), and, of course, most off road related technology is better on the rover. Although the interior is slightly nicer in the Bentley,..,it’s just that Bentley, like Rolls Royce, overdoes everything even when it doesn’t add any real value or improvement, which is why they are typically overpriced. It’s hard to beat either Bentley or Rolls Royce in coach building though, so I might suggest Land Rover take a que from Mercedes and just partner with Maybach on an ultra-lux version. That way they definitely wouldn’t miss the mark on the coach buildout. Let’s face it, they won’t sell enough $250,000 range rovers to make a decent profit, so this is all about marketing. Partnering with Maybach (if possible) would be much easier, cheaper, and would be guaranteed to result in the nicest possible SUV if that is their goal.


    “Panoramic view that everyone who sits in the back of the vehicle can also enjoy”…….unless, of course, you own it and don’t have a driver, in which case it’s something you will rarely ever enjoy….sadly. Same thing if you opt for the executive class seating in the rear…..super nice, but I wish I got to enjoy it more often. Guess I need to work harder so I can get a driver one day. Nah, I can’t stand not being in control of a vehicle I’m in so I would keep driving myself no matter much money I had.

  • PetrolHead

    Range Rover LWB Supercharged 22 – 24 mpg Bentley Bentayga – 13-14 mpg. Putting the rear seats down in a Range Rover, open the boot and press the button. In a Bentayga, open the boot, open the rear passenger door, left the borrowed Q7 seat handle, and the seat fall forward and hits the back of the drivers seat, open the drivers door, move the drivers seat forward. Bentayga is faster of course, but Range Rover is the better car. These comments are based on an real head to head test comparison undertaken a few months ago.

  • Brian Mckinney

    Oh u can’t afford one. Be happy with your Ford Escape.

  • Right of right

    Brian Mckinney

    6 comments • 6 votes

    BTW, I live in Dominican republic. My 2017 Lexus 570 cost me 155,000. Idiot

  • Vanessa Kildare

    True, being in control gives you comfort of the mind.