Mercedes-Benz’s First Pickup Truck is Debuting this Month

Mercedes-Benz’s First Pickup Truck is Debuting this Month

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the X-Class pickup will be unveiled on July 18, 2017.

Touted as the “first of a new kind,” the Mercedes X-Class was previewed last year with a concept of the same name and will be based on the Nissan Navara. When it launches, it will be offered in European, Asian, and South American markets, which means it won’t be available in North America. The company believes the pickup is too small for American shoppers.

Expect more details to be announced on the X-Class when it’s introduced later this month, but the range-topping model should feature a V6 diesel engine under the hood. The truck will also have 4MATIC all-wheel drive, a transfer case with low-range gears, and two lockable differentials.

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Mercedes previously announced the X-Class will be rated to tow around 7,000 pounds and haul 2,200 lbs of payload.

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  • Frank Yoster

    so its a nissan benz truck…benz u suck

  • Mike

    3 times a Mercedes owner (AND LAST TIME!) Nice to see MB make a vehicle that can carry all the money you are going to need to the repair shop to fix tens of thousands of dollars of repairs on just about everything component MB makes! (hey, at least the leather is nice and you’ll impress your neighbors unless they are educated and know just how poorly engineered MB vehicles are built. Total money PITS! Stick with Ford or GM

  • Deirdre Lamb

    My family has owner over 16 Mercedes over the years, we are a Mercedes family. My mom and dad have always had one each, I have two right now, my sister has one. We swear by them. Not sure about this truck, but as it is not being sold in North America it’s a moot point. Obviously, Mike, you were not taking proper care of your MB or it was really old, sounds like you can’t afford Mercedes. Best for you to find a different brand. We are sticking by Mercedes. Just got a new GLK350 about a month ago, super happy.

  • Guillaume Laplanche

    With Mercedes experience with the Unimog it is about time they enter this market but why not the US?

  • David

    Benz is fine within the warranty, they just replace all the parts. Benz used to be very durable, now it’s gotten too complicated. Your GLK has a little engine with turbo right? You don’t have to worry about its longevity, you’ll just turn it in at the end of the lease.

    I have a “really old” 2001 with the naturally aspirated V8 that you can no longer get from Benz. It’s got about 125K on it and is “just broken in” according to many people. I like using a car a long time rather than owning 16 of them. Did you ever stop to think that owning so many for a few years each isn’t much of an endorsement?

    For the price of your little engine with turbo, you could have gotten a bigger vehicle with V-8 from an American manufacturer. But you can have whatever you consider “luxury”.

  • frankie8

    I wannna hear a diesel is going to be in them otherwise forget it! oops, gotta be a turbo diesel!

  • Mike

    Affording them is not an issue with me. My last 2 Mercedes were the V-12 S600 at approx $140K++. I also was a former mechanic in my younger years and have been a car guru since age 8 for over 50 years, owned approx 100 cars and can assure you, MB’s are overpriced JUNK. They are for your EGO not for long term reliability and have HORRIBLE resale value because of their “well known lack of reliability”. If you buy one, just make sure you sell it the day BEFORE the warranty ends! Also note that I had a pair of MB mechanics that left a major MB dealer here in San Diego and opened their own MB repair shop. Because they knew I had a terminally ill wife at the time they were super nice and honest with me and told me to SELL both S600’s as they will just continue to break down. Both have approx 25 years experience with MB’s and purposely work/specialize on them BECAUSE THEY BREAK DOWN A LOT AND KEEPS THESE NICE MECHANICS IN BUSINE$$! You can’t any better advice than from a true MB mechanic (or from all the monies lost in my bank account repairing MB’s MOST expensive car model!) So, bottom line is that I value quality and MY MONEY more than my EGO. Hope you have better luck with your “economy GLK MB”. I finally gave in and bought Japanese quality large SUV and love it and much nicer looking than the ugly GLK. 😉

  • GregJo-HuskyAK

    Folks my first MB 45 yrs ago was a used ’62 200 Diesel in Fairbanks AK that I left running for weeks at a time in 50 below weather. Put 175K on it before sold. Today I have a 20 year old E320 wagon, a 14 year old E320 wagon, and a 5 year old GLK. Every year I have taken them in for their annual A or B service, and that’s it – all are purring like kittens. I enjoy keeping them polished up and in good shape. So each one a unique experience, but yes a MB fan for life.

  • David

    Heh, she proudly says she’s owned 16 of them. Guess she changes them every year. As long as it has a big star logo on the front, she feels prestigious even though that 90 degree V-6 is kinda buzzy for some reason she doesn’t know enough engineering to understand …

  • Slaiman Sattar

    2001 is really Old ???? I have a 1978 / 200 that needs restoration and a 1988 560 SEL that works great ….

  • Peter

    We’ve got a 1959 190 Sedan (mint & very reliable), 1994 C220 (for a 2.2 Litre naturally aspirated it goes like poop off a shovel lol, last of the good MB 4 cyl & Trans) & a 1993 Nissan Patrol Petrol/LPG with 500K on it, super reliable. I’ve had several new trade vehicle but wouldn’t buy any of these new as most new cars are not made to last & difficult to work on yourself. I have always maintained all my own vehicles for 40+ years.

  • cromicacid

    Durability and Mercedes is something that DOES NOT go hand and hand. If anyone is thinking they can use this new “X” class for work (to earn money) they are delusional. You will end up having to go to work just to pay the bills needed to repair this “truck.” I am not just bashing benz here. If Audi and BMW did this I would say the exact same thing about them. Leave the Truck business to Ford, GM, Dodge, and Toyota. We don’t need another useless player entering the Truck market.

  • thedad

    Basically a Mercedes powered Nissan. It should be reasonbly priced then with less electronic gizmos.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    They could make an F-35 edition, perhaps.

  • Michael

    I stopped reading at “car guru since age 8” you’re delusional, please stop posting and burn your computer, you’re giving people named Michael a bad name

  • Mike

    Whoops “Michael”, sounds like someone is in a bad mood? What’s wrong? Did your new Mercedes break down today?! lol