Porsche Contemplates Killing Diesel Models

Porsche Contemplates Killing Diesel Models

Diesel-powered Porsche models may be long for this world.

The luxury and performance arm of the Volkswagen Group is looking into whether or not it will continue producing diesel engines as Porsche makes a stronger push into electrified vehicles. Speaking to Reuters, CEO Oliver Blume confirmed the German automaker is looking into the issue but has not yet made a decision on it. A decision will come before the end of the decade on whether the company’s latest generation of diesel engines will be its last.

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For now, however, diesel engines will continue to exist in Porsche’s product mix, and a diesel variant will arrive with the redesigned Cayenne SUV next month. Diesel engines reportedly account for about 15 percent of Porsche sales worldwide, but that could be changing as a result of the massive Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal.

Porsche has already expressed its desire to focus heavily on hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles with the production Mission E expected to arrive in 2019.

[Source: Reuters]

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