Watch an Electric Car Hit 235 MPH

The Lucid Air Alpha prototype has hit a dizzying 235 mph during high-speed testing.

The upcoming four-door EV comes from California-based automaker Lucid Motors and the latest milestone comes just a few months after the Air prototype reached 217 mph in April. The new top speed was achieved after Lucid removed the vehicle’s speed-limiting software and it’s still unclear how the prototype’s performance will translate to the future production model. Currently, the prototype has a 1,000 horsepower powertrain, though the production model is expected to be around 400 hp.

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Of course, high-speed testing such as this is done to ensure a vehicle is not only safe and stable at high speeds, but to test its aerodynamic performance, suspension, and more. Lucid is quick to caution that 235 mph is not the final production top speed for the Lucid Air, which is to be expected, but it sure is fun to watch a four-door car go that fast. Be sure to check it out in the video embedded above.