What Car is Most Googled in Your State?

What Car is Most Googled in Your State?

Bigger states tend to search for bigger cars, according to a recent study conducted by market research company Gold Eagle.

A new study has revealed the most Googled car or truck in every state in the U.S., and there’s some interesting trends across the country. California residents, known for their love of electric vehicles, Googled the Tesla Model 3 the most, while those in Washington are also interested in electric vehicles, with the Nissan Leaf most popular in the state. The study found that bigger states search for bigger cars, with the Chevrolet Silverado being most Googled in Texas.

But the car that the most states search for is the Buick Enclave, which was most popular in Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. View a breakdown of the most Googled car for each state below.

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Alaska: Ford F-350

Alabama: Chevrolet Tahoe

Arkansas: GMC Sierra

Arizona: Toyota Tacoma

California: Tesla Model 3

Colorado: Audi Allroad

Connecticut: Volvo XC70

Delaware: Kia Cadenza

Florida: Volkswagen CC

Georgia: Audi A7

Hawaii: Toyota Tacoma

Iowa: Buick Enclave

Idaho: Subaru Legacy

Illinois: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Indiana: Buick Cascada

Kansas: Ford Taurus

Kentucky: Buick Enclave

Louisiana: GMC Sierra

Massachusetts: Subaru Impreza

Maryland: Hyundai Equus

Maine: Volvo XC70

Michigan: Lincoln MKC

Minnesota: Buick Enclave

Missouri: Buick Cascada

Mississippi: Nissan Maxima

Montana: Ford F-350

North Carolina: Chevrolet Silverado

North Dakota: Buick Enclave

Nebraska: Buick Enclave

New Hampshire: Volvo XC70

New Jersey: Mercedes-Benz C-Class

New Mexico: Nissan Titan

Nevada: Toyota Tacoma

New York: Chevrolet Suburban

Ohio: Buick Enclave

Oklahoma: Nissan Juke

Oregon: Subaru Outback

Pennsylvania: Subaru Impreza

Rhode Island: Volvo XC70

South Carolina: Chevrolet Silverado

South Dakota: Buick Enclave

Tennessee: Nissan Frontier

Texas: Chevrolet Silverado

Utah: Subaru Crosstrek

Virginia: Hyundai Equus

Vermont: Volvo XC70

Washington: Nissan Leaf

Wisconsin: Buick Encore

West Virginia: Subaru Legacy

Wyoming: Toyota Tundra

[Source: Gold Eagle]

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