2018 Toyota Supra Shows Off Production Cues in Latest Spy Photos


The latest spy photos of the 2018 Toyota Supra show the highly anticipated coupe looking more production-ready than ever before.

Earlier spy shots of the new Supra showed prototypes with mock-up headlights and a heavily camouflaged front end. The prototype seen here appears to be wearing production headlights with rectangular LED segments, but the rest of the car remains disguised. Those curious as to what the production car may look like should look at these photos and photos of the Toyota FT-1 concept side-by-side, as the Supra will draw heavily from that well-received design study.

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A leaked internal document surfaced this week that may have revealed the available powertrains for the 2018 Supra and the related BMW Z4. If it’s to be believed, the entry-level Supra will feature a 2.0-liter turbo making about 250 horsepower, while the range-topping version will have a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six making 335 horsepower. Disappointingly, it may only be offered with a BMW-sourced automatic transmission, with a manual option not appearing on the leaked document.

A concept version of the related BMW Z4 will make its debut in Pebble Beach later this month, while the concept version of the Supra will arrive in October at the Tokyo Motor Show. Production versions of both cars should arrive sometime next year.

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  • Riiiick

    Really hating this no manual thing. I get that automatics are faster now. I just want to enjoy being able to shift gears again. What am I goin do? Buy a $29000 86 and drop another $5000 on a turbo kit? Seriously starting to consider it.

  • despo

    Very depressing numbers (albeit unofficial). All that comes to mind as of yet is “cheap 350z knockoff”… at likely double the cost. Hopefully toyota will prove this wrong, but doubtful.

  • despo

    Might as well get a genesis coupe…

  • clifferd


  • T-VH

    Wait and see……If BMW got their hands on it it will be less reliable.

  • Romyand Wnog


  • 2016 ND LE

    Miata Is Always The Answer 🙂

  • NewGuy

    I’m still hopeful. If they can bring this in at 3,000 lbs. it’ll be much more compelling. But no manual is kind of a deal breaker. Ah, well, there’s always the redesigned 86 to look forward to in 2018…

  • Ernesto

    Como finalmente le pongan un motor BMW la van a cg…..

  • Mohd

    I stay with my mk4 97 much much better. Six speed

  • Cheslyn Owen

    I would have to disagree, BMW 4 cylinders are actually the bad motors, but their inline sixes are very reliable. They’ve been doing 3 Liter Straight sixes for a long time now. And for the last ten years they’ve been doing turbo versions of them. These days its only BMW that are making turbo petrol inline sixes. Its much more costly to manufacture a straight 6 than a V6 but the trade off is a smoother stronger engine that last a very long time. Toyota is not stupid, Im sure they thought this through thoroughly. I think we should give the new Supra a chance. I hope they at least give it a double clutch transmission if they gonna stick to an auto.


    If you are a teenage girl.

  • Irather

    It’s true! Teenage girls ADORE guys in Miatas.

    But damn bro, you’re probably driving a convertible gaystang, so you have different experiences.

  • Jack Woodburn

    This vehicle appears to be yet another bean counter dumbed down production stylistic disappointment compared to the exciting FT-1. When will car manufacturers stop that nonsense?

  • Jack Woodburn

    This vehicle appears to be yet another bean counter dumbed down production stylistic disappointment compared to the exciting FT-1 upon which it was inspired. When will car manufacturers stop that nonsense?

  • Don Steele

    Cars are OUTTA control…NOTHING on the road today worth more than $5,000. ALL JUNK!

  • Walter J. Alexander IV

    Looks like a lot of other cars. Boring!

  • Trendy Andy Chu

    As a MKIV Supra owner and an avid automotive enthusiast, I am honestly very disappointed with the direction of where the next gen Supra is going. 20 years have gone by since the discontinue from the US market and this is what we’ve been holding our breath for? A design cue similar to a Toyota BRZ and a previous gen wingless Supra, if they made a baby? Along with a BMW Z4 motor. This cant be Toyota’s next flagship sports car. Has Japanese automaker not learned from what Nissan did with the R35 GTR?