BMW 8 Series Concept Stands Out Among Sea of Supercars

The BMW 8 Series Concept made its North American debut at 2017 Monterey Car Week and managed to stand out in a sea of exotic cars.

Even next to supercars, priceless classics, and ultra luxurious offerings, this concept really stole the show for BMW, possibly even upstaging the new BMW Z4 that debuted this weekend as well.

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The BMW 8 Series will be the brand’s flagship coupe and is designed to take on storied luxury brands like Bentley and Aston Martin. And while it’s universally agreed upon in our office that the Lexus LC500 is one of the most stunning luxury coupes out there, the new BMW 8 Series could really take that award, especially if the production model looks anything like this concept car.

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While there are still no details about when the production car will debut, how much it will cost and what will power it, we can at least tell you that there will certainly be a more powerful M version of the car, based on what our spy photographers tell us and BMW patents we found for “M8.”

For now, at least we can at least gawk at the coupe’s pretty design, with its tastefully placed vents and charming gold brake calipers.

Inside, there’s carbon fiber and swanky Swarovski crystal accents, which will easily attract the high-end buyers that BMW is aiming for. And while BMW hasn’t confirmed it yet, we’d bet that this car will debut with all the fancy technology that their current cars have, like gesture controls and a nifty touchscreen key.

We can’t wait to learn more about the production BMW 8 Series, but seeing this concept in person will certainly satisfy our appetite in the meantime.