FCA Might Sell Alfa Romeo and Maserati

FCA Might Sell Alfa Romeo and Maserati

Fiat Chrysler is considering selling off its Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands as it continues to shop its business around to other automakers.

According to Automotive News Europe, the two brands could be worth as much as $8.3 billion together. Relieving itself of its two luxury brands and focusing solely on its mass market Jeep, Dodge and Ram brands might make FCA more attractive to an outside buyer. The plan would also see FCA sell off its Magnetti Marelli components business, which has been valued at about 5 billion euros by industry analysts.

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This week it was revealed that China’s Great Wall Motor Co. was looking at purchasing FCA’s Jeep SUV brand, but the automaker acknowledged there were “big uncertainties” about moving forward with the sale. FCA may be hesitant to spin off Jeep as it’s seen as the most desirable part of the automaker’s entire business. Morgan Stanley analysts estimated Jeep could be worth more than $20 billion, which is more than the estimated valuation for all of FCA.

Top brass at FCA is believed to be mulling over the matter currently, with a final decision expected to be made in early 2018. FCA declined to comment on the matter when sent a request by AN.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

  • brooksdavis

    $8.3 million? That’s it? For Alfa Romeo and Maserati? I knew that all journalists are stupid, but this has to be an epic misprint, you journalists should not have skipped the two math classes you were required to take to get your journalism degree.

  • david37037 .


  • Jack Woodburn

    Maserati under FCA never made any sense. Alfa fits as its design and quality history is right down there with Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. None of those brands are going to be the least bit relevant in 10 years or less. The dimwit CEO and his grossly ineffective team should not get a dime if anyone is dumb enough to buy FCA…

  • Frank Yoster

    i wouldnt be soo sure…

  • Darren Seow

    Obviously you use your mouth much more than your eyes, millions? “Look” carefully before embarrasing yourself.

  • Jim Prong

    As long as it’s not sold to the French or Germans.

  • Guest123

    They should sell them and then close shop. Who cares about Fiat or Chrysler. Their cars are the worst. Alfa and Maserati, on the other hand, are awesome.

  • Dale Finocchi

    Stop selling off everything to the Chinese… Where is the loyalty to the history of corporations? Alfa Romeo is a car maker with history and dignity, one of the original starting in 1906. They invented and was first to use the dual overhead CAM configuration, this allowed the little inline 4 cylinders in my 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider to drive with the feel of a powerful sports car.

    It was bad enough with Fiat buying everything, which was not the way it was supposed to be. If not for GM going bankrupt and having to back out of a joint venture which infused FCA with cash, enough to buy Chrysler out of receivership. When they started buying up all of the other Italian Automakers and The Italian Government let them why would be anywhere but here? Here being FCA owns every major Italian Car maker except for Lambooand even owns one of the USA “Big 3.”

    Jack, I am not sure where you get such a wild idea that jeep/dodge won’t be relevant in 10 years and your rude statement about Alfa. Maybe They could merge Alfa and Maserati as one and spin it off as an independent company again like they did when they finally cut Ferrari loose just before that FCA Chairman moron murdered it.

    Please sell off Alfa, but to an investor who loves the brand and wants to make it better every year, not a group of Chinese investors who ha ve nothing to invest in China.

  • Mark Hammond

    Earnest Henry, a Swiss engineer invented the double overhead cam engine for Peugeot in 1912

  • LOL, as an indepentent journalist, it’s always funny to hear people like that who rarely if ever sign their names, let alone show their faces insult an entire profession. Perhaps this person knows all of us and has spent at least a year making a living doing this when well over 90% of readers don’t pay to read the news. I’ve noticed they often can’t read nor formulate a bullet proof opinion while publicly revealing their insecurities. And instead of intelligently criticizing the source of the problem, or even differentiate mainstream journos from indepents like us who haven’t sold our souls to the almighty SEO god, they publicly vent their frustrations on the messenger. But hey, I do it too sometimes. Perhaps this is yet again a reminder that when someone has a problem with something, THEY have the problem, not the other way around.

    In the meantime, Fiat has always talked about “thinking” of selling AR and Mas. The only news here is that Marchionne has had enough time over the past decade to beef up sales and make it into a more attractive package then the mess it created when both companies were forced into the fold.

  • Sotirios Bakaimis

    I totally agree!!! But I think they will never sell Alfa & Maserati. I cannot imagine my beloved Alfa in the hands of ………an investor……………… Quite shocking!!!

  • Sotirios Bakaimis

    what is the difference???

  • Jim Prong

    It’ll no longer be an Alfa. It must remain an Italian marque, if not, it’ll lose its soul.