Kia Previews Handsome New Wagon Concept

Kia Previews Handsome New Wagon Concept

Kia has released an image of its new concept car it will show at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Korean automaker says the wagon-shaped concept previews the next-generation C’eed compact hatchback and may also be an indication of a coming C’eed wagon. It was designed at Kia’s European design center in Frankfurt – located just 500 meters from where it will be unveiled at Frankfurt’s Messe exhibition center next month.

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With a striking shooting brake silhouette, futuristic single-element taillights and large black wheels, the concept should prove to be just as good looking as the Kia Stinger and other new products from the brand. Just a sole photo of the new concept was provided, so we’ll have to wait to the Frankfurt Motor Show media days kick off on September 12th to see and hear more about this handsome design study.

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  • fstrdr

    Bring it in Diesel to Canada, and it’ll be my first Kia.

  • K03sport

    more wagons, I’m in. North America needs more wagons…not lifted wagons, but actual, regular, road going wagons…I did not buy a Saab 9.3 Sportcombi when they were around and I would like more to choose from than VW/Audi, Volvo, BMW 3series and sloppy wet CTS-Vs

  • John Thomson

    Go, Kia, and Hyundai too. (I know – same company.) I’m meeting more and more happy Kia owners, wondering if they’ll outnumber happy Toyota owners.

  • kaffekup

    Much, much better looking than the Stinger, I’m afraid. And I know it will never see the light of an American day.

  • Right of right

    Kia looks good till I drive them at the airport rentals.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    *crosses fingers*