Learn How the Acura NSX’s Aerodynamics Work

Engineering Explained has used smoke grenades to showcase the Acura NSX’s aerodynamics.

The popular YouTube channel teamed up with Acura to showcase the supercar’s sleek body, using red smoke grenades and highlighter-colored computational fluid so we can better visualize airflow. The video goes into detail on the NSX’s cooling, downforce, and drag, detailing how all the elements work together to give the NSX an advantage on the track. Most of the downforce on the NSX is created on the rear decklid and the video explains how Acura decided to go with 75-percent downforce in the rear compared to 25-percent downforce in the front.

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Most automakers will never go into this much detail on explaining aerodynamics and downforce on their vehicles, and this is definitely information you would never find on a specification sheet. But it’s a great watch if you like the Acura NSX, or just interested to see just how important aerodynamics are when it comes to how a car performs on the track.

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