Mazda is Restoring Original Miata Roadsters to Factory Condition

Mazda is Restoring Original Miata Roadsters to Factory Condition

Unfortunately, the service is only available in Japan.

First announced on a Japanese Mazda blog, the service has been confirmed by the Japanese automaker with the launch of a new website. The company will start accepting orders for NA-generation Miata restoration projects this year and will begin restoring the cars next year. It appears Mazda will work directly with the customers on the service, and will tailor each restoration project individually to each car. The automaker also plans on acquiring classic car garage certification from TÜV Rheinland Japan Co., Ltd., as it aims to deliver restored cars to its customers with the highest quality.

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That means several out-of-production parts are being brought back into production, including the three-spoke Nardi wood steering wheel and matching shift knob. The fashionable steering wheel doesn’t have an airbag, so it was never an option in North America. Mazda is also reproducing the original soft top and tires at its factory, and other items may be added due to popular demand.

No word yet on whether Mazda plans on expanding the service to other parts of the world.

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