Finally, a Ride-Sharing Service We’d Actually Use

Finally, a Ride-Sharing Service We’d Actually Use

A new Air B&B for cars is here. Called DriveShare, it allows you to rent someone’s collectible car.

Created by classic car insurance company Hagerty, DriveShare is essentially a ride-sharing service for exotic and classic cars. But before you think anyone can just borrow someone’s rare collectible, interested people must be vetted and will have to make a $500 deposit as well as get up to $1-million of rental protection. Included in the fees is roadside assistance, something that will likely come in handy considering many of the cars are old.

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So far, there are around 135 cars available in the U.S. on the service, ranging anywhere from a 1931 Ford Model A for $179 a day to a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador for $3,300 a day.

“DriveShare gives people an easy way to get behind the wheel of cars they’ve always wanted to drive,” said CEO McKeel Hagerty in a statement. “Our goal is to provide a common platform that connects enthusiasts and owners to expand the community of people who love cars.”