Photo of 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Leaks Online

Photo of 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Leaks Online

A photo of what appears to be the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL has surfaced online, revealing a portion of the SUV’s design ahead of its debut later this year.

The photo, which was posted to the Jeep forum on Reddit, shows the side profile of the new Wrangler. It appears to have been taken at the Toledo, Ohio Jeep plant and reveals the design of the doors, fenders, hood, side mirrors and a section of the roof.

We were already aware the new Wrangler would be longer than the outgoing JK and this photo clearly shows the JL’s elongated profile. Despite the larger stature, it should be lighter than the JK thanks to the use of aluminum for the hood and doors. Thankfully the high-strength steel frame will remain, as will the floating solid axles.

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The Wrangler is expected to arrive with a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine as standard, while a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder will be optional. A diesel version with Fiat Chrysler’s 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 should become available at a later date, along with a plug-in hybrid. An eight-speed automatic and six-speed manual should both be offered.

The Wrangler JL is expected to debut at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. A Wrangler pickup sharing the JL’s revised platform will debut next year as a 2019 model year vehicle.

[Source: Reddit]

  • SYO

    Hey, that’s me in the background! (j/k)

  • Rob Guy

    Oh man… someone’s gonna get in trouble for this pic. I wonder if he realizes that his reflection is somewhat showing in the door. I bet Chrysler is going to be searching long and hard for whoever took the pic.

  • pblanton

    Chrysler is behind the leaks. Imagine all the free publicity they are getting for “leaking” a blurry, crooked photo. Genius marketing.

  • Uh. Not much of a leak.

  • Cl Reply

    Seriously what’s is the big deal here… There isn’t much difference and won’t be between the current Wrangler on and 2018 model. Yes, there will be improvements in weight, interior changes, may be tops but the look is basically unchanged. Give it a rest….

  • you knew what it was before you clicked it.. yet you clicked it.. why? just don’t click them and you won’t ever see them 🙂

  • Frank Yoster

    buddy its not supposto change….thats what makes this thing legendary..! they are keeping 92% of the same look..and say Thank God!

  • SYO

    Love the red!

  • Skye

    Looks a little bit more Chinese

  • Rick Purvis

    I took a bigger leak at 0530 this morning

  • Paul

    Well I’ll be, it looks like a Wrangler. This is a gotcha shot that really shows us nothing.

  • MindFog2287

    All I can think of looking at this pic is I guess the use of aluminum doors will mean they finally fixed the hinge paint issue caused by dissimilar metals. My Wrangler is five years old and the hinges are bubbled like crazy (and Jeep won’t fix it).

  • Jason

    You can see new body lines in the doors and hood cowl. The pinch seam in the front has been pulled back quite far. I bet 37″ tires will fit without needing to lift it. There is a new vent in the front fender and the side mirrors have been redesigned to include a side marker (not a fan of that change from what I can see anyway). Not really a fan of the vent in the hood either but I’m sure it will be reserved for the rubicon version.

    There is a lot to see in this picture for people that know and buy Wranglers.

  • This leak refers to the pre-production model.

  • Jeffrey Satkowiak

    hopefully the pinch seam at the rear has moved forward as well.

  • Jeffrey Satkowiak

    There’s something to take away. Such as the Fiat-ish style cues like the vents behind the front fender and the hood lines and vents. Nothing outlandish but still something. Also looks like the windshield hinge is still there but the bolts normally on the outside don’t seem to be there, either i can’t make them out or they’ve moved them so you don’t have to unbolt from the outside anymore. Looks to have legitimate body lines now, there’s a bump out just underneath the mirror the runs down the side of the body.

  • Cramer Jera

    First thing I noticed is the turn marker in the mirror housing.

  • Candace Lee

    Why change the looks – the looks are one of the main reasons that I love Wranglers. They don’t get outdated like everything else. Wanted one forever and got a 2008 in 2012 and many thought it was brand new. So sick of all the yuppy-mobiles out there.

  • Candace Lee

    ditto this

  • groberts1980

    37″ tires without a lift is a recipe for a mall crawler you know. Anyone who off roads in a Jeep lifts before adding anything bigger than 32’s or 33’s.

  • Jerry Normandin

    I am glad I bought my 2016 Wrangler back in 2016. I go off-road and do not want aluminum doors or hood…or tub. Haven’t they learned by Ford’s dumb mistake of an aluminum F150.?
    It’s fine for a mall crawler… But that’s it.
    Also who wants stop/start technology in thier Rig? Not me! Especially when I am offroading, what a PITA!
    In the winter I need the defroster blasting and the water pump circulating the engine coolant through the heater core. In the summer if the top is not open and the humidity wicked high I might want the A/C on. Stop Start is fine for commuters but Wranglers should remain a specialty vehicle. if you want a mall crawler buy a Renegade. I will not trade my 2016 in for a new one.Also they raked the grill and windshield too far back. Hopefully sales of the 208 will suck and FCA realizes the error they made. 9 spd auto.. that will suck!4 cyliner turbo.. dumb. You need instant. torque on the trails. A turbo must spool up. FCA should realize the Wrangler is a specialty vehicle. Sell those who need a mall crawler something else!

  • Jason

    Guess you haven’t heard of LOCG builds. FWIW, I have a JKU with 3.5″ game changer and 35s.

  • Gary Hudson

    Stop/Start tech is in many cars and you accessories don’t stop working when the engine stops. This feature does not kick in until the engine is hot enough.

  • PorterHop

    The 9 speed auto will actually be perfect for off-road. You talk about having instant torque, the 9 speed is almost like having a low-range built-in. Plus, they’re very smart with their gear logic. Towing a trailer through the Rockies with my Grand Cherokee, I left it in “auto” and the transmission did a wonderful job holding gears both up and down. I didn’t even have to touch the paddle shifters. And I guarantee that Jeep is smart enough to disable stop-start when the vehicle is in an off-road mode. They’re not going to overlook something like that. They are Jeep.

    There are two vehicles that I would never want to be a part of the engineering/design team for: the Corvette and the Wrangler. Either model could change the supplier for their wiper motors and people like you would complain “I’ll NEVER buy a new one!” That’s fine if you really don’t like the result, but we know so little about it, I can’t help but think you just want to stir the pot.

    At this point, the JL has my interest. I don’t have good access to off-road trails, so I’m closer to one of those “mall-crawlers” of whom you speak. But why should you care why other people buy what they buy? Frankly, you almost owe people like me (and soccer moms) thanks for making such a vehicle viable for Chrysler to continue making. If only trail-dwellers we’re allowed to buy these, they would have seen the axe a long time ago. And we’re the ones who sell pristine used models down the line for people to ruin with needlessly-oversized tires. You depend on us far more than you realize.

  • Jerry Normandin

    Nope.. a Wrangler is a specialty vehicle that should not require to be altered to achieve the average fleet mpg target. I do not want stop technolgy.. I drove a rental that was equipped with that..if you are stopped in traffic your heat or a/c stops… Also when on trails you don’t want that.

    Let the mall crawler buy a renegade.!

  • Jerry Normandin

    The 9 speed auto is a piece of junk. Before I took my 2016 Wrangler for a test drive (Feb 5, 2016) I test drove a Cherokee Trailhawk edition (not a grand Cherokee) with a 3.6l

    I did not like it at all.

    My Wrangler has been a blast on the trails. I really think FCA screwed up this time. If sales are bad for the 2018 model maybe they will phase out the aluminum body parts, 9 speed speed tranny, stop start, a turbo hurricane 4 banger. First if anyone here follows engine technology you would realize it is junk. And you don’t want a turbo on the trails you need instant torque!

    If FCA wanted to build a high mpg small SUV they should build something similar to the Suzuki SideFlip. (That’s what we call them because when lifted they tend to flip) and drop the POS Hurricane 4 banger turbo in that. ., Leave the Wrangler alone or I won’t buy a new one in 6 years… I will keep this one.

    The parts are modular, easy to modify

  • LoneStar

    I don’t think you quite understand what going on here. It is the longitudinal 8 speed that is in the rams, chargers, challengers, and Grand Cherokees not the 9 speed that is transversely mounted for front wheel drive vehicles. nothing is the same except for the manufacturer ZF. The 9 speed had issues in every manufacturer to adopt it…Honda, Land Rover, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and I think I am missing one or two. However, they have become much better with updates. The 8 speed has been utterly reliable and without issues, the Grand Cherokee fiasco was due to shifter design not the transmission.

    Start-stop tech is meh but you can in most instances turn it OFF.

    Why not offer people a choice with the engines, and from what I have read there is a lot of buzz around the hurricane 4 a lot people are eager to see it perform and are anxious to have that option. I am not one of them but it has its place. Turbo setup is critical for proper torque curve and if it is setup properly I think it would do well.

    As far as aluminum on non critical components like the hood and doors is fine for me. You sound to me like a Harley rider who has an absolute phobia of anything that is newer than 100 years old. But, let’s say that it does create a problem the aftermarket for wranglers will be along and create some “real metal” stuff for it.

    High mpg helps keep the vehicle relevant, and I personally passed on a new wrangler due to the horrible fuel mileage.

    The thing I fear about the new wrangler is how much fiat is in it, because there goes the reliability.

    P.S. The Cherokee has a 3.2L v6

  • Dave Greene

    why are the entire hinges on the doors only? How are you going to take them off if the other part of the hind is on the door too??