Porsche Might Bring Back the 911 Speedster

Porsche may be set to reintroduce the 911 Speedster name at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

The last time Porsche tapped its Speedster moniker was in back 2010 when it rolled out the 997-based 911 Speedster at the Paris Motor Show. Limited to just 356 units, the 2011 Speedster carried a whopping price tag of $204,000, and just 100 were sidelined for American buyers. The roofless two-seater had the wide hips of the 911 Turbo, throwback-style Fuchs wheels and an aggressively raked windshield, among other features, making it entirely unique in the realm of 911 special editions.

Now, Porsche could be set to make another 911 Speedster, this time based on the 991 generation of the iconic rear-engined sportscar. If the rumors ring true, expect the new Speedster to come with a canvas emergency top in place of a standard roof, a raked windshield and a widened rear end. The recognizable humps that covered the rear tonneau of the 997 model should also make a return, seeing as they are what made that car so easily identifiable.

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Under the hood could be the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter flat six found in the 450 horsepower Carrera GTS, or perhaps Porsche will even tap the 493 horsepower 4.0-liter flat-six that powers the GT3. No matter the powertrain, expect the new Speedster to be one expensive offering.

[Source: Car Magazine]