Ship With Go-Kart Track Might Actually Convince us to go on a Cruise

Ship With Go-Kart Track Might Actually Convince us to go on a Cruise

We’ll just come right out and say it: we don’t really like cruise ships.

That’s not to say we take issue with cruise liners, but we don’t really enjoy going on them. There’s something about being ferried around and having your destinations picked for you that doesn’t really appeal to us, but you just might be able to convince us to go on the new Norwegian Bliss ship that is currently being built by Florida’s Norwegian Cruise Line.

Our interest in Norwegian Bliss stems from the fact that it will feature a huge go-kart track that spans two of the massive ship’s upper decks. The track is the first of its kind for any North American ship and will be joined by other theme park-like attractions such as a laser tag course, a water park, two pools and six infinity hot tubs. If you’re concerned that the go karts may smell up the outside areas of the cruise ship with the smell of burning fuel then not to worry – they’re electric!

“We have elevated Norwegian Bliss’s onboard experience to new heights,” Norwgian Cruise Line said in a statement. “bringing the best features from across our fleet plus exciting new first-at-sea activities like the largest race track and new dining concepts to create the ultimate cruising experience.”

Surprisingly, Norwegian Bliss isn’t the first of its cruise liners to feature a go-kart track. Its Norwegian Joy liner also featured a section for those that have been bitten by the racing bug, but Norwegian Bliss’ track will be 40 percent longer. If you’re into karting and need a vacation, we’ve found your mecca.

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