This Multi-Storey Go-Kart Track Looks Amazing

This Multi-Storey Go-Kart Track Looks Amazing

Niagara Falls is about to get a huge new go-kart track called “Niagara Speedway.”

The multi-storey go-kart track is being built on the Clifton Hill entertainment strip in Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada and should open up next spring once safety testing is complete.  Niagara Speedway will feature a spiral that winds up into the sky that’s almost 40 feet high (12 meters) before descending down into a track loaded with twists and turns. In total, there’s nearly 53,000 cubic feet (1,500 cubic meters) of concrete and over 425,000 pounds (193,600 kilograms) of steel.

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The multi-story go-kart track is being touted as the only one of its kind in Canada according to Joel Noden, director of marketing. “Going down that ramp is like going down a roller coaster,” he said. “There’s nothing else around like it at all. It’s a go kart track on steroids.” Noden added inspiration for Niagara Speedway came from the Heavy Metal High Rise go-kart track in Branson, Missouri.

[Source: CBC]

  • Jay Anderson

    There are a few go-kart tracks in Wisconsin Dells that have spirals like that. Check out 1881 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

    They’ve been there for decades.