Two Companies are Working on Bringing In-Car Sensing Tech to New Cars


Jabil and eyeSight Technologies have announced a partnership to develop next-generation in-car sensing technology.

The new collaboration aims to bring the most advanced levels of driver monitoring and gesture control through a combined hardware and software system which operates with sub-pixel accuracy. By combining forces, Jabil and eyeSight Technologies are working on making the system smaller so that it can be used by the entire automotive industry, not just high-end luxury cars.

In a release, the two companies said the scalable system can be integrated into existing cockpit electronics and uses time-of-flight and infrared capabilities to enable driver identification, driver attentiveness, driver distraction, and gesture control.

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In-car sensing technology is slowly being integrated into modern vehicles to track distracted driving in hopes of reducing accidents. The technology is also important for current semi-autonomous features that need to monitor whether or not a driver is paying attention.

“Jabil’s partnership with eyeSight Technologies supports automakers working to reduce accidents involving driver distraction,” said Lisa Bahash, senior vice president, Jabil Automotive Group. “The accuracy, intelligence and efficiency of the system we’re developing will enable automakers to implement in-car sensing systems across all vehicle types.”

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