Detroit Electric Shows Future Vehicle Blueprint

Detroit Electric Shows Future Vehicle Blueprint

Detroit Electric has released a teaser image outlining its future vehicle plan. 

Detroit Electric, if you’re unaware, was a manufacturer of electric vehicles originally founded in Detroit in 1908. It was revived in 2008 and had plans to launch a Lotus Elise-based EV, but the car failed to reach the mass production stage on time. The automaker received a $1.8 billion investment from China’s Far East Smarter Energy Group earlier this year to help mass produce the SP:01 and develop future product.

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The UK-based company’s future vehicle plan, which was outlined at the recent Cenex Low Carbon Vehicles 2017 event, consists of a sedan, a crossover and a sports car. The vehicles will be developed over the next few years, with production versions expected to arrive in 2020 or 2021. It’s investing heavily in its Leamington-Spa based facility to develop better research facilities and bring the vehicles to market on time.

“We have secured a solid financial foundation and are fortunate to have exceptional facilities in Warwickshire that we’re looking to expand further in the months ahead,” said the company’s Chief Technical Officer, Richie Frost  “And to that we are adding between 150 and 200 roles that we’re filling with the best vehicle and electrical engineering talent in the country.”

We’re expecting to hear more from Detroit Electric in regards to its future product blueprint over the next year.