Magna Has Developed Universal, Plug-In Autonomous Tech

Magna Has Developed Universal, Plug-In Autonomous Tech

Magna has developed autonomous technology that can be installed on almost any vehicle, transforming it into a level 4 self-driving vehicle.

The technology is called Max4 and will be shown in full at the upcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The plug-and-play system will consist of lidar, radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors and will also include a driver interface to turn it on and off. Similar to a cruise control system, the tech can also be deactivated by tapping the brake pedal or using a nearby emergency switch. Magna says it will be flexible and scalable, meaning it should work on both small and large vehicles.

“Our focus is on developing production-ready solutions that offer flexibility to integrate and the framework to enable Level 4 technology for when the market is ready,” Magna’s chief technology officer, Swamy Kotagiri, said.

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The autonomous system will be capable of level 4 autonomous driving on the highway and in city centers. That means it will be able to drive the car without the need for driver intervention. All the driver will need to do is input their desired destination into the vehicle’s navigation system.

“Magna is evolving from the parts company it still is and will continue to be, as we become a total vehicle-capable organization,” Tom Toma, Magna’s global product manager for automated driving, said in a statement. “We’re becoming more of a software company.”

More information on Magna’s plug-and-play autonomous tech will be available following its debut later this month.