‘Can you Drive After Tiramisu?’: The Weirdest Driving-Related Google Searches

‘Can you Drive After Tiramisu?’: The Weirdest Driving-Related Google Searches

People are googling “how to start a car.”

A study conducted by Shelbourne Motors has revealed the top online driving-related searches, and the company even examined regular auto-complete searches, which resulted in some bizarre inquiries. For the boring searches, the top five were: how to parallel park (52,800 average searches per year), how to drive a car (52,800), how to start a car (19,200), how to change a tire (12,000), and how to park a car (7,200). Most of those searches make sense, especially for those learning how to drive, or wanting to learn how to drive. It also offers some insight to what people struggle with when it comes to owning an automobile.

Things get a big weird once we look at the strangest searches on Google. “How to drive in the dark?” averaged 360 searches per year, while “What is a handbrake?” received 240 average searches per year. There is an average of 180 people searching “What is petrol?” which actually makes sense if you’re in the U.S. and have never heard of gasoline referred to as petrol. Both “How to indicate in a car?” and “What do traffic lights do?” received an average of 120 searches per year.

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If you want a laugh, the top auto-complete searches are entertaining. Some of them include “How to drive round a roundabout,” “How to deal with slow drivers,” and “Can you drive after tiramisu?” There are even people wondering “What happens if you get caught having sex in a car,” or “Why can’t I park?” If that isn’t enough, the study also found other odd searches from auto complete such as “can you drive a car without fuel?” and “how do I drive with one foot?”